Writings about plant medicine, healing and the Amazon rainforest

Integration: Ayahuasca is not a Magic Pill

Ayahuasca and other plant medicines are often looked at as a magic pill that can cure all our troubles. This is an unrealistic expectation and also denies the essential requirement of your active participation in the process of release and healing.

Interpreting Messages in Ceremony

Ayahuasca ceremonies are intense experiences that can contain many messages or instructions. It can be difficult to discern which ones are beneficial and which are of no use. Karin shares her take to help you in your own medicine integration.

Setting an Intention

Intention setting is a vital part of any healing journey. Ayahuasca ceremonies work well with simple, healing intentions that are honest and heartfelt. We takes you through some reframing around intentions for your next ceremony.

Despacho Ceremony 2016

A long time ago, Pacha Mama was our everything, for without her we could not survive. She gave us everything that we would ever need, want or desire. This begs the question: where did we lose this precious connection?


The moment we say, “Yes,” to our own healing is the moment the pre-purge begins. We may feel doubtful about our choice to take care of ourselves, tell us we’re ‘stupid’ or ‘silly’, but these are just ways our ego is trying to sabotage our healing.

Kitchen Hillside Swale Update

Establishing our first food forest at Rainforest Healing Center thanks to Omar, Tigre, our workers and some wonderful volunteer WWOOFers, Brantley and Corbin.

Replant Project: Our Existing Trees

Our retreat center spans many hectares. Both primary rainforest and secondary or tertiary growth exists. Many rare species abound thanks to difficult access for loggers and wood thieves. We’re currently documenting them for protection and future propagation.

Simple hand washing technology stops diseases

Transmission of diseases is one of the leading causes of premature death around the world. Basic hygiene practices can help eliminate this threat and we love the concept behind this simple device for washing hands.

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