Simple hand washing technology stops diseases

Let’s Keep it Clean, Folks!

Communicable diseases account for 25% of all deaths worldwide. This is usually due to fecal contamination of water supplies or lack of sanitary facilities or hand washing ability.

At Rainforest Healing Center, we use the same hand washing technology as this excellent video showcases. It’s a no-touch operation, much like what hospitals use. Having knobs and dials that you turn on with dirty hands can contain harmful bacteria or viruses that you pick back up when you turn off the water. By using your feet to turn the jug to trickle out water and not having a soap dish or dispenser, there is reduced potential for getting sick! Imagine, people able to tend to their fields, work on their crafts and businesses, or partake in family time without worrying about diarrhea and dehydration.

UPDATE: Since writing this, we’ve updated our hand sanitation to use Purell dispensers in our kitchens and bathrooms. We still love this technology and idea, but also appreciate the functionality of the disinfecting dispensers. 🙂

Many times in our modern society, we’re in such a rush that we see “problems” and treat the symptoms, rather than pausing, reflecting and observing to see what the opportunities are for addressing the causes creating said “problems.” In this rush, we can overlook the simple and effective manners in solving the challenges presented.

Hand washing technology perfect for rural and underdeveloped communities

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photo credit: Sustainable sanitation via photopin cc

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