Ayahuasca Retreats

Our Ayahusaca Retreats are held in a loving, sacred space in the Amazon rainforest

About our Ayahuasca Retreats

We started Rainforest Healing Center out of a desire to bring indigenous Peruvian plant medicine to those who could benefit from their healing. We also made a commitment to the Amazon rainforest that we call home to preserve, protect and nurture it for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Our Ayahuasca retreats are not about quantity. We don’t believe in heroic doses or malokas filled with humans. Our mission is to bring quality, honor, respect and devotion to these ancient plant allies and the long-nurtured wisdom of their Shamanic keepers.

We have devoted countless hours and energy into creating a retreat center that is not only safe and comfortable, but beautiful as well. We harvest and cook our own medicine, on site from the land we are on. This way you know where it comes from and what went into it . We harvest wood for our structures with respect and care. And we support and care for our workers and treat them like family.

Ayahuasca Retreat Dates

  • May 24th to June 3rd (6 spots left of 8)
  • June 14th to June 24th (6 spots left of 8)
  • July 4th to July 14th (5 spots left of 8)
  • August 3rd to August 13th (7 spots left of 8)
  • September 6th to September 16th (7 spots left of 8)
  • November 14th to November 24th (5 spots left of 8)
  • December 12th to December 22nd (8 spots left of 8)

Please contact us here for reservations and available future dates.

* 7-Day Ayahuasca Retreat Guests may only reserve a single occupancy Tambo if they book an extended retreat with a Master Plant Diet. Please inquire about specific pricing.
‡ 11-Day Ayahuasca Retreat Guests may reserve a single occupancy Tambo for $333 extra if space is available and no Master Plant Dieters are present during your retreat.

From the moment I met Omar I knew this lodge was built from the deepest love and service to the medicine, and when i stepped into Rainforest Healing Center I felt I had come home. It pulses and dances with Love and healing energy. The jungle is alive and works with each participant, and the administrators and Omar are like family, committed to working with full integrity and love for the medicine. I knew that this was where I wanted to bring my groups so they could receive the full extent of the powerful healing from the Plant Medicines and Mother Earth. I feel so grateful that this lodge exists and people can experience the true, pure essence of Amazonian shamanism...

Rebekah Shaman

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