New Ownership and Management at RHC

After ten years of love, sweat, and deep devotion, Rainforest Healing Center is now in the hands of its next steward — Ximena Garcia.

ximena garcia rainforest healing center owner

Ximena Garcia, RHC’s new owner and manager

Five years ago, Ximena embarked on a journey that led her to the world of Kambo, Ayahuasca, and other jungle/plant medicines. As she walked this path, she learned the value of shadow work, studied transformational teachings, and understood the significance of being of service to others. In this journey Ximena met Omar and became involved with Rainforest Healing Center, and fell in love with the land, the people, and the mission of the center.

Ximena’s upbringing, past, and juxtaposition of having lived in multiple areas of the world have shaped her worldview and desire to help serve the transformation of humans seeking a more profound connection with the seen and unseen worlds.

Having gone through her own healing journey and a fair share of personal growth experiences, Ximena understands many of the arcs humans go through on their individual and collective journeys, and is why she felt called to become the new owner and manager of Rainforest Healing Center.

Rainforest Healing Center would not be where it is today without the love, sacrifices, and investment of Omar Gomez. Omar’s journey with this land began in 2004 when he first sat in a medicine ceremony with Doña Norma Panduro at KM45.5 Santa Catalina, outside of Iquitos.

As Omar walked alongside the master plants of Ayahuasca, Chacruna, Tobacco, Kambo, Bobinsana, Chiric Sanango, and many more, he felt a deep and strong connection to the land. The medicines told Omar that his path was to create a home in the jungle (la selva) and manifest a place where people from all over the world could come to experience and connect with ancient, powerful, and sacred medicines of these lands.

Sadly, Doña Norma Panduro passed away in 2008. Still, before leaving the jungle in 2004, Omar manifested and acquired 10 ha of land where the intent would be to create a sanctuary for sacred medicines. In 2010, Omar finalized his purchase of an additional 60 ha of clear-cut, secondary, and primary rainforest.

Groundbreaking to construct the first home and kitchen began shortly after with great care to limit destruction and deforestation. Bathrooms were designed with composting toilets; showers near the constantly flowing quebradas (streams).

rainforest healing center new kitchen clearing

Preparing for the new kitchen site in 2015

With no direct access to the center by car, everything was either carted in by foot or hoof (mostly the former). This distance and challenging access from the main highway helps to preserve the secluded, private nature of the retreat center.

Over the years, Omar slowly expanded the center to include a maloca constructed by a skilled carpintero from Pucallpa, Don Serfin. The maloca was completed in 2011 and held its first ceremony in December 2011.

Spider webbing from the maloca, private tambos (guest huts) is located down winding trails in the primary rainforest. Ten tambos are now constructed and house guests for Ayahuasca retreats, Certified Kambo Practitioner Training, Authentic Master Plant Dietas, and Shamanic Training.

private tambo at rainforest healing center

One of the beautiful tambos (guest rooms) at RHC

Since its inception, Rainforest Healing Center has hosted over 190 private retreats and has served as a sacred home for healing and deep intro/retrospection by serving over 220 Master Plant Dieta guests. The center has also created refuges for abused and harmed animals; an Ayahuasca preservation, for replanting the Mother Vine, replanting trees, and mapping projects of the flora; and focuses on applying sustainable practices whenever possible to minimize impact and damage.

cristina cleansing guest

Smudging a guest prior to arrival at our healing center

Omar is now turning his focus on traveling the world teaching Certified Kambo Practitioner Courses within the training agency Certified Kambo Practitioners International (CKPI), Kambo Hub, Quantum Kambo retreats, and Quantum Soul Journey retreats, where he works with Tepezcohuite (the Mayan Ayahuasca) which has just now resurfaced.

Ximena and Omar are making a slow transition to ensure a smooth experience for workers and guests alike. Ximena is now acting as the general manager of the retreat center, with Omar on hand to help with the transition.

Rainforest Healing Center and its staff look forward to continuing the sacred and soulful medicine work for all guests — past, present and future — and for helping contribute to the protection and regeneration of this magical land and the beings that call it home.

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