Replanting Ayahuasca Project

Plant medicines give us so much. It's time we return the favor.

Replanting Ayahuasca Project

Rainforest Healing Center is dedicated to not only preserving ayahuasca plants and habitat, but also in creating regenerative practices so that this medicine continues to thrive in its native biome.

Since our inception, we’ve taken care to replant ayahuasca every time it is harvested or purchased for use in ceremony. Over eight years we’ve enjoyed seeing these magical vines slowly climb into the canopy, stretching their twisted arms out into the sky.

We are now working with various volunteers and groups to identify all of the native and introduced ayahuasca vines on the RHC property using GPS and documenting their growing conditions, nurse plants, health and vitality. Our hope is that this data may be shared with other centers and land owners so that this gift of Nature may continue to serve humanity long after we return to Her.

Ayahuasca In Danger

The scarcity of the Ayahuasca vine is increasing at an alarming rate. With the increased popularity of Ayahuasca and Shamanic tourism, short-sighted people are harvesting the vine without care or compassion, and forego replanting any excess despite how easily it regrows.

We consistently hear accounts of ayahuasca traders and collectors trudging deeper and deeper into the primary rainforest to harvest ancient vines. As the popularity of plant medicine tourism grows and no efforts are made to replant this sacred vine, we may see its availability crash and its status may reach critical or endangered like so many Amazonian plants and trees before it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to replant Ayahuasca faster than it is consumed in a manner that contributes to its continued availability for current and future generations. We are also committed to studying the planting and cultivation practices to share with other plant medicine centers.

While this initiative focuses on Ayahuasca, we also are using our blessed center’s land to replant the other medicinal flora like Chacruna and Huambisa which are principal components of Ayahuasca brews.

We also simply want to give back to Madre Ayahuasca and thank her for all the healing she has provided to ourselves and others across our planet.

Supporting the Project

A portion of the proceeds from each attending guest help support and fund this important project. Retreat participants also may have an opportunity to help re-plant the Vine while on the property.
Financial donations are encouraged! Your funds will be used for helping purchase vine for replanting, tagging and ID’ing existing vines, documenting their growth, and establishing training materials for sharing the knowledge we gain.

As the project matures, we will offer education to the owners and Shamans of other retreat healing centers in the Amazon region on topics such as:

  • Practice sustainable and regenerative harvesting techniques for Ayahuasca and other plants used in Ayahuasca brews and Master Plant dietas.
  • Educating ceremony participants about the endangered nature of the plants used for ceremony.
  • Establish education programs in schools, especially tour guide training centers, to educate students about the importance of conservation and maintaining the ecology balance of the Amazon.
  • Support and encourage a commitment to planting triple the amount of ayahuasca used by shamans and centers each year.

We Invite You to Give Generously