About Our Healing Center

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About Rainforest Healing Center

Rainforest Healing Center is an Ayahuasca and Master Plant healing center located in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Our caring staff welcomes you to our website with love as you explore and embark on your personal journey into this magical place.

We look forward to assisting you in embracing your fears, addressing your health, and/or discovering your truth. Our center inhabits an intimate, safe, and sacred space tucked away on 120-acres (and growing!) of jungle property where Madre Ayahuasca and her plant brothers and sisters originate.

Welcome home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve, encourage and continue the healing traditions and sacred teachings of Amazonian plant wisdom. Guided by our intentions to serve the highest good of existence (human consciousness and the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms), we pursue this work with love.

Our Vision

We see plant medicine and plant medicine ceremony as one of the many tools for opening humans up to love, the greatest of all teachers and healers. It is our vision to honor our plant teachers by making them available to others and preserving them for future generations.

Our History

The project was born in 2006 when Omar had a vision while doing an Ayahuasca ceremony with the late shaman, Norma Panduro. Shortly thereafter, he purchased a parcel of land (81 acres / 33 hectares) of pristine, virgin Amazonian rainforest on Kilometer 45.5 of the Iquitos/Nauta Carretera (highway). This would become the future home of Rainforest Healing Center.

Omar was profoundly moved by the healing experiences he encountered through the vine, and he felt called to make similar experiences available to others. The project lay dormant until 2011 when spontaneous and corresponding visions of partners Gerik Spiquel and Cameron Gaberoglio revived it. With the guidance of La Madre Ayahuasca and the abundance of other medicinal plants on the land, Omar, Gerik, Cameron, and many others have worked very hard to make this vision a wonderful reality.

Our Name

When Omar, one of the owners and center facilitators, asked his beautiful 8 year old son (Gael) what the property should be named, he exclaimed, “Chakra Alegría de Amor!”

The ‘Joy of Love’ farm is a perfect description for this charming and deeply loved slice of the Amazon Rainforest. Our mission is to guide and support guests in expanding their consciousness and healing themselves through work with Mother Vine and nature. This experience provides a channel to find, embrace and re-incorporate the joy of love back into our lives!

You may find reference to us as Chakra Alegría de Amor scattered about here and on review sites. It’s the same place, but we felt Rainforest Healing Center was a bit easier for our Western clientele. 🙂

Our Slice of Heaven

This rainforest backdrop breathes life and healing energy into every soul who enters this sacred space. One can receive healing benefits just from being in this part of the rainforest as it is saturated with over 110 documented species of healing medicinal plants including the Mother Vine herself.

Along our varied paths, guests are immersed in a tropical eden where they can witness numerous varieties of sparkling butterflies including our resident colony of Blue Morphos, chattering monkeys, curious sloths, and various other jungle life. The hum and vibration of the forest is felt throughout the space, welcoming you back to nature’s incredible beauty and grace.

Throughout the property runs a stream (called a ‘quebrada’ in Spanish) that also boasts potent healing powers. Rain trickles down from the upper canopy of the forest, passing through many more layers of dense jungle growth, collecting its healing properties from all the medicinal plants on its way to the vegetation and roots below. Forest soils filter this frequent rainfall into the crisp and clean ‘quebrada’ that meanders through the center. Our guests bathe in this healing flow and receive love from each plant that the rain has touched on its journey to the stream.

Quality Over Quantity

As a small and intimate healing center, we’ve designed the property to create the optimal environment for self-reflection, introspection, growth, healing, and deep awakening.

Each of our tambos (local Peruvian term for ‘huts’ or ‘bungalows’) are hand-crafted with love in carefully selected locations to provide a quiet and cozy place for guests to relax and reconnect with themselves and nature. The jungle radiates through these beautiful tambos, and creates a unique and unforgettable experience. Each tambo offers solar power for lighting, its own bathing area, and compostable toilets to cycle nutrients back into the land.

We deeply honor our connection with Mother Earth and therefore utilize renewable resources whenever possible. We are powered almost entirely by solar energy, compost, and Love, far away from the distractions of Western culture and technology.

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