Ajo Sacha Diets

Ajo Sacha is a helpful, medicinal ally that integrates well with other medicines

Ajo Sacha

Ajo Sacha (Mansoa alliacea) is a shrub that is native to the upper Amazon rainforest. While it is not of the garlic family, its leaves, vine bark, and roots have the characteristics, resemblance, smell and taste of real garlic. “Sacha” can be translated to “wild”, hence Sacha Ajo translates to “wild garlic.” Ajo Sacha is the mildest of all the plant diets that we offer. Unlike the Master Plants that we offer in our isolation dietas, Ajo Sacha is not considered a Master Plant nor does it require isolation. Nonetheless, we do suggest time spent in quietude and self-reflection during this dieta.

It is commonly used by native indigenous tribes of the rainforest to cleanse the digestive system and energetic body. Natives respect the plant by using almost all of its parts and it can even be replanted after harvesting for diet! The indigenous elders of the Amazon consider the plant to have magical and spiritual powers, able to chase away ‘evil’ spirits, and purify the body. It is best used prior to or during a retreat, as it helps the body receive the Mother Vine with more ease and comfort. The leaves and roots are also used frequently during Rainforest Healing Center’s other dietas. Ajo Sacha is recommended during periods of vital changes due to its strengthening properties. It invigorates and cleanses the body of negative energy and cures fevers, colds and headaches.

An Ajo Sacha diet will consist of 3 days of scraping its roots, bathing in a bath of the Ajo Sacha leaves, and sleeping with the scraped roots under one’s bed. The roots are scraped midday and the scrapings are set in water to infuse overnight. The resulting “tea” is drank at 6AM, followed by an Ajo Sacha bath. This 3-day ritual allows for the dieter to commune with the Ajo Sacha spirit and receive full protection during retreat.

Ajo Sacha Diet & Other Uses

In its mildest application, the leaves are crushed and soaked in water for bathing purposes. This is an effective way to purify the body before entering the ceremony. Typically at RHC, we ask guests to bathe in the leaves of Ajo Sacha upon their arrival to purify their physical and spiritual body and avoid bringing any toxic elements into the healing center.

The ‘true dieta’ of Ajo Sacha, consists of drinking a cold maceration (tincture) of the roots (normally soaked in cold water for 12-24 hours.) The Shaman will determine the amount of root that will be infused in the tonic for each individual. Our Curendero will prepare and bless the medicine with icaros (prayer songs) and mapacho (jungle tobacco) smoke. At 6 AM the Shaman will come to your Tambo where he will administer the drink to you. It is quite strong and may burn a little going down. Its taste is that of raw garlic cloves. Some people get nauseous while others have very lucid dreams. You may experience both. Each individual’s personal needs vary, and the plant medicine will act accordingly with each person. The diet consists of three doses for 3 consecutive days. The duration of the diet is 3 days.

When ingested as a concoction, Ajo Sacha is considered analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-rheumatic and are widely used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, body aches and pain, injuries, colds, uterine disorders, epilepsy, inflammation, and digestive issues such as Candida overgrowth, along with other intestinal ailments. It is a diet intended to purify the body by cleansing the blood. It also opens up the psyche and other channels, allowing the Ayahuasca brew to integrate properly into the physical body thus providing a more beneficial experience with the Medicine. Legend also says it is used to ward off negative energy or ‘evil spirits.’

Ajo Sacha is highly recommended and is a popular addition to our Ayahuasca Retreats. It can also be added to a Chiric or Uchu Sanango dieta. When added to the Sanango diets please plan to stay 2 to 3 additional days. When adding it to an Ayahuasca retreat, it will be integrated within the (7 or 10 days) chosen retreat.

Ajo Sacha dieta option:

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