Shelter is important when you live in one of the wettest places on Earth!

Welcome Home

During your stay, you’ll be immersed in vibrancy and majesty of the Amazon. All spaces at our retreat center are lovingly and thoughtfully crafted with comfort, healing, and aesthetics in mind.

We’ve made Rainforest Healing Center to be as comfortable as possible, while balancing its remote, rustic character.


Your retreat investment covers room and board. We’ve built seven tambos (mosquito-screened, palm frond or corrugated metal roof huts) on the property. Five of the tambos sleep two people, with the other two sleeping three. Tambos are furnished with writing desks for reflection and hammocks for relaxing when space allows.

While they are rustic, we’ve designed them to be very comfortable and enjoyable. It’s important to understand that you will be sleeping in the jungle and life’s wild hums and vibrations will be ever-present. In time, you’ll find the jungle sounds to be a living white noise machine that will help you fall asleep.

Ayahuasca ceremonies will be held in the Maloca (ceremonial hut), which was constructed by a master carpenter and architect from Pucallpa and is a powerful and beautiful space.


We offer bathing areas fed by a seasonal spring and rainfall.

We use buckets and ONLY biodegradable soaps to bathe with. If you have a preferential biodegradable soap/shampoo, please bring it. We also accept donations of your remaining liquid soaps for future guests. Our favorite soaps are Dr. Bronner’s due to their ingredients and support of reforestation and fair trade.

It may take a bit of acclimation, but the refreshing splash of cool water in the humid, hot jungle is something you start looking forward to enjoying!


Toilet facilities are mosquito-netted, composting toilet huts located at each tambo. After doing your business, you’ll toss the toilet paper in with your urine and fecal matter and cover it with a carbon material like sawdust or rice hulls, creating humanure compost to feed the fruit trees on site.

Hand sanitizer pumps are installed in every toilet and we encourage you to use them often to reduce the potential for illness.


Guests will enjoy three healthy and balanced meals a day. On ceremony days, guests participating in ceremony will have breakfast and lunch, but no dinner. This restriction helps ensure that your stomach is empty by the time ceremony participants drink the Medicine. This allows your body to absorb the Medicine fully and efficiently, and also reduce the amount of materials thrown up if your purging includes vomiting.

Master Plant Isolation Diets will be on a stricter, blander meal schedule that is prepared and brought to your tambo to reduce interactions with other people.

We DO NOT serve pork, salt, coffee, or sugar. We strive to feed everyone according to their needs and we don’t want anyone hungry or frustrated. We do request that you adhere to this diet; it greatly improves Ayahuasca’s ability to work effectively and efficiently during ceremony.

If you have any food allergies, sensitivities, or are vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free, please let us know and we will gladly accommodate you.


Snacks are OK to bring, but be aware that the jungle’s heat and humidity can quickly ruin food that isn’t properly contained, and any food in tambos will attract unwanted guests, so we ask that you please leave all snacks in the kitchen in the containers provided.

Please pay attention to the snacks you bring to ensure they fall within the ayahuasca diet guidelines. Guests have enjoyed Lara Bars, certain dried nuts and fruit, and their own preferred teas.


Our water is sourced from on site whenever possible and is filtered using a Berkey Water Filteration System with amazing results.

“All Berkey Water Filter systems are classified as water purifiers. In order to meet purification standards a water filter must be able to remove specified contaminants to a predetermined level, known as a “standard”. This purification standard is the highest level of water contamination removal that a water filter can obtain and very few manufacturers are able to make the purification claim without the use of harsh chemicals like iodine or chlorine. Berkey does not use chemicals, instead we rely on simple time tested micro-filtration and a unique ionic absorption technology to purify the water.”

From the Berkey website:

“Black Berkey Purification Elements: Filtration Specifications

The Black Berkey Purification Elements far surpass other water filters in filtration capability as evidenced by their extensive filtration specifications. These elements have a specialized purification process that is due to their unique structure. The element’s filtration media is a combination of micro-pores, which trap harmful contaminants like bacteria, and revolutionary material with adsorption and ion exchange properties that essentially attract molecules and viruses to the media, preventing them from passing into your drinking water.

Many water filters on the market may claim to be a purifier but do not meet the performance specifications required for this classification. In order to be classified as a water purifier, a water treatment device must remove at least 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria (known as a log 6 reduction in the water treatment industry) and reduce viruses by 99.99% (log 4 reduction). Berkey Water Filtration Systems can be classified as a water purifier because the elements actually remove 99.9999999% of pathogenic bacteria (log 9 reduction) and 99.999% of viruses which greatly exceeds the standards.

The Black Berkey filters have been tested by several EPA-accredited laboratories including the Department of Toxicology and Environmental Science at Louisiana University, Spectrum Labs, and the University of Phoenix. This extensive testing confirmed that the Black Berkey Purification Elements far exceed EPA and ANSI/NSF (Std. 53) protocol.”

Internet & Charging Batteries

We are completely off-the-grid, hence do not have any internet connection at all. Since we are remote and deep in the jungle we do not have any reliable power sources for charging large, energy hungry devices like laptops. We do have some solar arrays installed for charging iPods/iPhones and some camera batteries, but we highly suggest either buying fresh, high capacity batteries for your devices, bringing spares. We do have a generator however we do not start it unless of an emergency, seeing how the noise is not pleasant to the fauna. We recommend detaching from technology to embrace and commune with the natural energy of the Amazon rainforest and yourself.

In case of emergency we do have a cellphone that sends and receives messages, but because of the rural location the service is very spotty.

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