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Documenting Our Living Heritage

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As caretakers of the land at Rainforest Healing Center, we’ve embarked on an effort to document the trees on our property for conservation, sustainable use and harvesting, and for propagating their species on the land and elsewhere.

Recently we received a useful document detailing native and local tree species in the Peruvian Amazon. Seeking to restore and rehabilitate cleared lands from previous owners, we asked Pedro, our shaman and center foreman to help identify which species currently exist. Pedro has a lifetime of living in the jungle, amongst its tower trees and powerful vibrations, and also has training from a school in Iquitos for identifying plant species. Armed with this information, Omar and Pedro walked the RHC property identifying and documenting which species currently exist on the farm.

In addition to our Replanting Ayahuasca Project, we’ll be mapping and marking these trees for conservation and replanting efforts, both on the farm and for other surrounding communities to help reintroduce lost species and help reclaim the forest that is quickly being dismantled all around Iquitos, Nauta and beyond.

Trees are extremely important to the ecosystem of the Amazon. They help seed rain clouds with their heavy evapotranspiration. They retain water, protect the clay soils from direct exposure to desiccating solar rays, and provide immense shelter and habitat for the millions of creatures and understory plants that depend on them.

We’ll post more as our Replant Ayahuasca Project efforts continue and advance. We’re in the process of replanting pioneer species of leguminous trees and fruit trees near our newly constructed kitchen and communal space. Can’t wait to share those photos as they come in from the field!

Existing Trees at Rainforest Healing Center

Scientific Name Local name Trade Name
Acacia sp Vilco
Amburana cearensis Ishpingo Ishpingo
Anacardium occidentale Casho Cashew
Aniba panurensis Moena alcanfor
Aniba sp Moena Rosewood
Anona sp Anonilla
Apeiba membranacea Peine de mono Monkey Comb
Apuleia leiocarpa Ana caspi
Apuleia mollaris. Ana caspi
Aspidosperma macrocarpon Pumaquiro Peruvian Maple
Aspidosperma sp Quillobordon Peruvian Yellow Cherry
Brosimum alicastrum Manchinga
Brosimum lactescens Manchinga
Brosimum parinarioides Caucho masha
Brosimum uleanum Manchinga
Bursera graveolens Palo santo Holy Wood
Calophyllum brasiliense Lagarto caspi Jacareuba
Calycophyllum spruceanum Capirona Peruvian Clear Maple
Capparis angulata Sapote
Cariniana estrellensis Papelillo
Caryocar coccineum Almendro
Castilla ulei Goma
Cecropia sp Cetico Trumpet Wood
Cedrela dugesii Nogalillo
Cedrela odorata Cedro Spanish Cedar
Cedrelinga catenaeformis Tornillo Cedro-Rana
Ceiba pentandra Huimba Kapok
Ceiba sp Huimba
Ceiba sp Kcapo
Ceiba sp Lana vegetal
Cinnamomun camphora Pepa de alcanfor
Cinnamomun camphora Alcanfor
Clarisia racemosa Mashonaste Aji
Copaifera officinalis Copaiba Copaiba
Copaifera reticulata Copaiba Copaiba
Copaifera sp Copaiba Copaiba
Cordia alliodora Laurel Laurel
Couma macrocarpa Leche caspi Cow tree
Couma sp Manzano
Coumarouna micrantha Shihuahuaco
Coumarouna odorata Shihuahuaco
Couratari guianensis Misa Tauary
Couratari macrosperma Cachimbo Cachimbo
Couratari spp Tauari
Chinchona sp Cascarilla
Chorisia integrifolia Lupuna
Chorisia sp Lupuna
Chrysophyllum sp Caimito Star-Apple
Dacryodes olivifera Copal
Dialium guianense Palisangre
Diplotropis sp Chontaquiro
Dipterex alata Shihuahuaco Cumaru
Dipterys ssp Shihuahuaco Cumaru
Dipteryx odorata Charapilla Tonka
Dipteryx micrantha Shihuahuaco Brazilian Teak
Eritrina edulis Pisonay
Erythroxylum catuaba Catuaba
Eschweilera coriacea Misa
Ficus antihelmintica Oje
Ficus guianensis Renaco
Ficus insipida Oje
Ficus killipii Matapalo Strangler Fig
Ficus paraensis Renaco
Ficus schultesii Oje renaco
Ficus schultesii dugand
Ficus sp Oje
Gallesia integrifolia Ajo ajo
Grabowskia boerhaaviaefolia Palo negro
Guarea guidonia Requia American Muskwood
Guarea trichiloides Requia American Muskwood
Guazuma crinita Bolaina blanca
Hevea brasiliensis Shiringa, Jebe Rubbertree
Huberodendron swietenoides Achihua
Hura crepitans Catahua Possumwood
Hyeronima alchorneoides Palo sangre Suradan
Hymenaea courbaril Azucar huayo Jatoba
Hymenaea oblongifolia Yutubanco
Hymenaea palustris Azucar huayo Jatoba
Hymenaea rediculata Azucar huayo Jatoba
Hymenaea spp Azucar huayo Jatoba
Inga altissima Pacay shimbillo
Inga marginata Pacae blanco
Inga sp Shimbillo
Jacaranda copaia Achihua Copaia
Jacaranda sp Huamansamana
Juglans nigra Nogal Peruvian Black Walnut
Juglans sp Nogal Peruvian Walnut
Licania sp Parinari Caraipe
Lureceae sp. Palta moena
Macoubea guianensis Loro micuna
Macrolobium sp Pashaco blanco
Manilkara bidentata Quinilla Peruvian Cherry
Capparis angulata Sapote
Matisia cordata Sapote
Matisia sp Sapote
Mezilaurus itauba Itahuba
Mezilaurus sp Itahuba
Minquartia guianensis Huacapú
Myroxylon balsamun Estoraque Santos Mahogany
Myroxylon sp Palo Peruano Balsamo
Nectandra rediculata Laurel Canelo
Nectandra sp Moena
Ocotea costulata Alcanfor Canfor
Ocotea jelskii Ishpinguillo
Ocotea marmellensis Moena negra
Ocotea sp Moena
Ochroma lagopus Topa Balsa
Ochroma pyramidale Topa Balsawood
Ormosia amazonica Huayruro
Ormosia sp Huayruro
Ormosia sunkei Huayruro
Paramacherum ormosoide Aguano masha
Parkia igneiflora Pashaco
Pithecelobium sp Pashaco colorado
Pithecellobium sp Vilco Raintree (?)
Plyrciantes sp Unca
Podocarpus sp Romerillo Podocarpus
Por identificar 105 Chalanqui
Por identificar 109 Rapincho
Por identificar 110 Cuchicara
Por identificar 111 Lucma
Por identificar 12 Pona Palm
Por identificar 7 Aleton
Pourouma cecropiaefolia Uvilla
Pouteria caimito Sacha Caimito
Pouteria neglecta Caimito
Pouteria reticulata Caimitillo
Pouteria sp Quina quina
Protium aracouchini Isica
Protium carana Caraña
Trattinickia peruviana Caraña
Protium sp Copal, Incienzo Insense Copal
Pseudolmedia laevigata Capinuri
Clarisia biflora Clarisia biflora
Pseudolmedia laevis Chimicua colorada
Quararibea cordata Sapote
Schizolobium amazonicum Pino chuncho
Schizolobium parahybum Pashaco
Schizolobium sp Pashaco
Schweilera coracea Michicallo
Sickingia tinctorea Guacamayo caspi
Spondias mombin Ubos Hog Plum
Swietenia macrophylla Caoba Honduras Mahogany
Swietenia sp Caoba Mahogany
Tabebuia impetiginosa Tahuari Ipe
Tabebuia incana Tahuari Ipe
Tabebuia rosea Tahuari Ipe
Tabebuia serratifolia Tahuari Ipe
Tabebuia sp Tahuari Ipe
Terminalia oblonga Yacushapana
Toyonita sp Lucuma
Trattinickia glaziovii

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