Ayahuasca FAQs

Common questions we receive about Ayahuasca medicine and ceremonies

Frequent Questions About Ayahuasca

Like all healing and spiritual practices, exercises or medicines, sitting with and drinking Ayahuasca isn’t for everyone. It is not a magic pill, a panacea or an tool for immediately “righting” your life and world. It’s a medicine and practice that is unique for every individual that engages with it.

Our intention and goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment and container for you to experience your own healing, clarity and truth. May these answers to some commonly asked questions reassure you of your choice to work with the medicine and journey to us in the Amazon rainforest.

Why should I drink Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is an esoteric (unique) approach to accelerated self-healing that has been practiced for centuries by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon basin, mostly native to Brazil and Peru. Stories have now spread to the Western culture, mostly by ‘word of mouth,’ of the positive effects and life-altering changes Ayahuasca has provided. Because every human being has a different path, story, and perspective, it is difficult to fully explain the effects of the Medicine. The indigenous say Ayahuasca is ‘The Medicine,’ or ‘La Medicina,’ and that it encourages healing on all levels unique to each individual. One testimony can not describe what another’s experience will be. Therefore, it is important to follow your intuition as it is guiding you to the Medicine for a reason. We recommend going in with a clear intention on what it is needed to be worked on along with an open mind, heart, and body.

Ayahuasca ‘unveils’ perspectives on life by inducing a visionary state of mind, allowing you to tap into your true Self. It is used to enrich the mind by receiving visionary messages, facing and overcoming blockages or fears, connecting to the inter-workings of the Universe or Divine for a deeper understanding and greater perspective. Ayahuasca allows you to reflect within by expelling any fears, insecurities, or self-judgements which society has instilled. The Medicine acts like a ‘port-hole’ so that you can see these obstacles that are holding you back from your highest potential or inner happiness. It allows you to rediscover the unconditional love we all have within us. The same unconditional love that you can see in a newborn child’s smile. Ayahuasca helps to strip all of the negative ailments that is blocking this unconditional love from radiating from within. Not only does the Medicine provide a visionary means of working through specific ailments, it also purges out negativity on a DEEP physical, psychological, and spiritual level.

For example: If our challenges, addictions, and fears are like weeds that live within us, then western therapy and medicine acts much like a ‘weed-whacker.’ Ayahuasca provides the opportunity to dig deep enough within ourselves to ‘pull out the roots.’

“Five ceremonies can be an equivalent to 15 years of therapy.” – Omar G. (2005)

What is the purging like?

Purges may occur in several ways on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. When purging occurs, it is the movement and processing of negative energy out of the body. On the physical level, the most common forms being vomiting and defecation. Shaking, racing thoughts, yawning, crying, laughing and hot/cold sweats are others.

Purging is the Medicine’s method for eradicating the body of harmful, toxic, suppressed or pent-up energies or elements due to addictions (substance and behavioral), physical ailments, or past trauma. It is very important to not hold the purges in. Let them out. Each guest has a vomit bucket, toilet paper, and water to cleanse the mouth. The apprentices and other helpers are always available to assist you with going to the bathroom and any other needs that may arise. Do not hesitate to ask for help. There is no need to worry about making noise during your purges; they are just a background part of the ceremony and are always present during ceremony. It is vital, however, that other peoples’ experiences are not interrupted by physical touch, unnecessary talking, etc. It is also important that purging goes on in and out of ceremony, and to allow the purging to happen. Suppressing or lack of expression is counterproductive to working with Ayahuasca.

Will be there be a time that I feel fear or anxiety?

Experiencing fear and anxiety before your travels or during ceremony is normal. Drinking Ayahuasca for the first time can be a very foreign experience for people. It is energy moving within the body. It is very common for a “pre-purge” once the decision has been made to work with Ayahuasca or our Master Plants. Our Shaman and staff are there with a helping hand to guide you through this experience with love and support.

Breathing, meditating, yoga, journaling, and other grounding techniques such as affirmations can be used to lessen fear and anxiety. If this is a concern for you, please communicate this to the staff during the interview process and/or upon arrival so we can offer suggestions for working through challenging patches. Always ask for help when it is needed!

How long are the ceremonies?

Ceremonies typically last from 3-7 hours, but each ceremony varies as well as each individual experience. With that said, there is no a ‘norm’. Rest assured, our Shaman and staff will stay with you and closely monitor you until the effects wears off and you are able to sleep. It is best to go into each ceremony without any expectations and allow what comes.

Can Ayahuasca get rid of my depression?

Ayahuasca has greatly helped many people with their depression. We experience powerful cleansing, healing and receive life changing lessons during ceremony. That enables many to look deep within and release what causes the depression. HOWEVER – Ayahuasca is not a magic bullet, or ‘Harry Potter’ wand. She shows us, teaches us, and gives us tools to deal with imbalances in life, but committed spiritual and physical work beyond ceremony is necessary to maintain the benefits of the Medicine

What should I expect when I return to the outside world?

Ayahuasca is a transformative medicine, and our bodies and spirits will be re-calibrated to a higher and lighter vibration. Care is to be taken on the transition back to our lives at home. People will be highly sensitive to food, people, noise, distraction, and general imbalance. Remaining grounded, participating in healthy physical and spiritual activity with positive people and situations will greatly help one integrate the lessons and healings received in the Medicine and back into the rest of the world. Ayahuasca allows one to experience a great feeling of bliss and love for themselves and the planet. When reemerging back into every day life it is important to remember the bliss feeling and tap back into that unconditional love during times of stress and challenges.