Facilitator Apprenticeship

Grow and build your skills in helping others through the psycho-spiritual healing


Though it is not traditional to the Peruvian Amazon, the facilitator Apprenticeship is a unique and vital offering as more and more Westerners seek traditional medicines in the rainforest. The facilitator is a medicine guide who understands the psycho-spiritual process of working with medicinal plants and can guide a guest, or client, through the hero’s journey of medicine work. This program is the result of many years of medicine and healing experience, the lessons learned from trial and error of running a plant spirit medicine center for Westerners, and the input of highly trained psychologists on staff.

Apprentices will work closely with our trained Psychotherapists and facilitators on staff first in observation and then in a supervisory fashion, where the apprentices begin to learn the relational and psycho-spiritual skills of guiding. Graduating from this program will provide apprenticeships with the confidence to “hold” others in healing processes, a deeper connection with the Master Plants and knowledge of healing experiences/benefits associated with them, and priceless experience in the fascinating and new field of Psychedelic therapy. As with most new disciplines, there is no official certifications or nationally recognized certifications associated with this training. This apprenticeship is for healers, psychotherapists, counselors, coaches, and spiritual guides interested in gaining new skills to add to their practices.

Cristina and kambo frog apprenticeship

Skills/Requirements of Facilitator Apprenticeship

  • Learning to address guests, build relationships, generate trust and calculate the needs of the individual
  • Assist the guest in creating an intention for the use with the medicine
  • Contextualize the guests experiences and provide guidance post-ceremony
  • Provide pre, during and post counseling
  • Create preparation and integration plans for guests
  • Understand personal triggers and edges, and how to work with them, while being of service
  • Learn about psycho-spiritual defenses and how to work with them in an empowering way (i.e. how to “meet guests where they are”)

In addition to guiding the healing experiences of our guests, facilitators also aid the shaman and other facilitators during ceremonies. This includes:

  • Assisting guests during their experience
  • Calculating the needs of the guests during their experience
  • Assisting in cleaning the guests during ceremonies (if necessary) and helping the guests to the restroom
  • Working in the often pitch-black maloca, yet being able to calculate the needs of the guests

Apprenticeship Prerequisites

Please read closely the following general prerequisites for our apprenticeship programs before applying. There will be further specific prerequisites for each program, listed separately. The applicant must abide by the following aspects before being considered for these courses. The applicant:

  • Must have a humble intention to assist in the healing of others.
  • Must have experience with (or in) other healing and/or spiritual modalities (i.e., psychotherapy, coaching, reiki, meditation, sound healing, energy work, etc.)
  • Must be mature and able to communicate well.
  • Must be able to communicate, understand and sympathize with a vast array of personalities and issues and traumas.
  • Must be able to work long hours and be “on call” at all times during apprenticeship.
  • Must be able to tolerate the extreme heat and/or rain of the Amazonian Rainforest.
  • Must be physically fit and capable of walking a mile, to several miles, a day.

Looking for hands-on experience developing your facilitator skills?