Safety & Comfort

Your safety is of colossal importance to us!

Safety is Paramount!

“The best way to handle an emergency is to prevent one from happening.” -Omar

It is common to have questions or perhaps even experience some hesitation about traveling to Iquitos and engaging in this kind of healing work. We recognize that it is extremely important to be selective and feel safe when choosing a facility, and we honor your process. Please feel free to contact us with specific questions and concerns.

That said, your safety is our top priority, and we seek to create an atmosphere of serenity and care so that your experience at Chakra Alegria de Amor is as fruitful and nourishing as possible.

Your Physical Safety

Just like an expedition or trek into a unknown territory, one must be sure that all safety measures have been taken. We pride ourselves with our safety protocols. Omar has many, many years of experience being “off-grid” and engaging in extreme sports. He has come up with a emergency contingency plan, incase of any emergency situation. Omar is a First Aid/CPR Instructor, but emergency management is not about just one person, its a team effort. Our staff is very ready and able to assist in any kind of emergency.

We also do not tolerate any discrimination, sexual harassment, abuse of any kind or violations of trust. Our staff is trained and expected to not engage in any of this behavior, and we act swiftly upon hearing of any news to the contrary.

Our Groundrules

  • We have had the fortune to hand pick our entire staff, and have trained them in management of the unique needs of a Ayahuasca Retreats and diets.
  • During all ceremonies we maintain a specially trained sitter (that does not drink Ayahuasca) to help you and provide any aid you might need. From helping you walk to the bathroom, to giving you a blanket if you get cold.
  • Our Shamans and Cuanderas are expected to maintain a professional relationship with all guests. Please alert one of our staff if this is not being respected.
  • Since we are a boutique healing center, our ceremonies are limited to a maximum of 8 participants, allowing the Shaman or Curandera to focus on individual needs.
  • All Ayahuasca is cooked and made on the premises, with ingredients from the Rainforest Healing Center property. At no time will we ever obtain any brew made off premises. We do not add Toé to our medicine, and we use traditional recipes.
  • A well stocked First Aid kit including snake bite antivenom, and antihistamines, etc. is kept on site.
  • We provide 24-hour emergency transport to Iquitos (travel time 2 to 2.5 hours.)
  • We have a contract with a medical health clinic and doctor (Dr. Edwardo Murata) in Iquitos in case an emergency arises that we can not handle.
  • Well maintained paths that are easy to walk on.
  • All guest are provided with an “emergency whistle”, that can be activated at any time and a staff member will respond immediately.
  • Pre Screening for major health conditions of interested guests to ensure a safety for all.
  • Strict no drug or alcohol tolerance on grounds, making Rainforest Healing Center a stable environment for healing (Any guest who fail to comply with this will be escorted out of the property immediately, as stated on the liability release and contract form.)
  • All drinking water is high quality filtered through our Berkey system, or brought in from the city. There will always be drinking water in your Tambo, kitchen, dining room, and Maloca.
  • Night guards patrolling the grounds at night, to ensure safety.

Everyone’s safety is paramount at all times, especially during ceremony. We ask that each and every participant stay in the Maloca for the duration of the ceremony, and to always communicate when going to bathroom or outside. It is for your safety. The jungle at night can become a confusing and dangerous place if one wanders off the marked pathways. Also the effects of Ayahuasca can be disorienting (the boundaries of time and space can be greatly altered), paired with walking off without guidance in the dark is a recipe for disaster.

Your Psychological Safety

Ayahuasca Ceremonies and Master Plant Diets can be an amazing life changing experiences. That being said, sometimes the vine shows us what we need to work on, lifts up the ‘veil’ of our own ignorance so we can see Truth, our inner selves, and release what is no longer serving us. This can sometimes be a challenging experience that our ego likes to belittle, deny or obstruct. We recommend going into this experience with an open mind, heart, and body.

If at any time you feel overwhelmed, confused, anxious, or uncomfortable please know that the Shaman and facilitators are here to support you. Our advice is to not make any quick decisions and to stay to continue to work on your Self throughout the entire 11 day retreat. If you feel confused or unsatisfied in any way with your ceremonies, we recommend journaling and self-introspection. We can help guide you to learn a deeper understanding of visions or messages with one-on-one Q and A sessions, help you along the purging process, and support confidential confessions. We are here to support you in any way possible. Our goal is to keep all lines of communication open at all times.

Integration back into daily lives should be done slowly and gently. Taking time to relax, reflect, and apply what was learned in the jungle will help you adjust your new perspectives to your life.

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