Work-Trade & Volunteering

We seek responsible, self-starting and caring humans to help us grow.

Work-Trade & Volunteering

Rainforest Healing Center offers work-trade and volunteer opportunities in Peru in exchange for living accommodations for SELECT individuals interested in the participation of Ayahuasca ceremonies, self-healing modalities, and/or permaculture knowledge. We are looking for a FAIR ENERGY EXCHANGE.


What We Ask of You

  • Commit to a two-month minimum stay.
  • Willingness to collaborate and work as a team
  • Be humble, caring, open-hearted and minded
  • Leave drama, bickering, unproductive anger or animosity at home
  • Be willing to step outside your comfort zone to help people in their healing processes
  • Be able to lift and carry up to 30-lbs (14 kg) over distance

What We Provide You

  • An opportunity to apprentice or help facilitate in up to 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies per month (if groups are available), where you would be helping guests and our Shaman or Curandero/a in ceremonies.
  • The opportunity to ‘clock out’ of society and immerse yourself back into nature where ultimate self-healing can be obtained.
  • The rewarding gift of selfless service to help eradicate ego or selfish nature. The act of offering services with no expectations in return helps to purify the heart. When we truly give, we are connected back to our heart space, often resulting in a heighten sense of joy and awareness of our true Self. The yogis call this act ‘Karma Yoga.’
  • Accommodations are in a shared tambo on the property near the old kitchen or in the loft of the new kitchen. You’ll have access to a bathing area and compost toilet.
  • All meals, water, and tea will be provided for volunteers and we encourage all to stay on the dieta while guests are present.
  • Depending on availability, discounted Ayahuasca ceremonies or Master Plant diets if your minimum stay is achieved.

Typical Responsibilities Include

We ask all volunteers to be willing to wake up early and start the day around sunrise. Depending on the duties allocated, we expect volunteers to work an average of 6 hours a day for 6 days a week. The schedule, duties, and responsibilities may change when retreats are in session, so flexibility is key.

  • Trips into town (Iquitos/Nauta) to purchase food and supplies.
  • Kitchen help: assistance in preparing the menu for the dieta, cooking, serving food, washing dishes, and keeping the area clean.
  • Guest services: Setting up and organizing the tambos before guests arrive and during their stay, preparing the Maloca and bathrooms before and after ceremonies, bringing food to dieters (if you’ve previously done an isolation diet).
  • Providing energy healing services (if capable/applicable) including: massage, reiki, cranial sacral, yoga, art therapy, etc. (tips from guests will be encouraged to offset the cost of your stay and you may provide this in exchange for medicine work at the center)
  • Sign Language interpreting (if applicable) for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing guests during group and one-on-one sessions, meal times, ceremonies (basic needs), and when specifically requested. This is not a ‘typical’ interpreting assignment and we ask for flexibility. (Please contact for more information about this specific volunteer position.)
  • Lending a helping hand around the property for basic upkeep and construction (if applicable).


  • We ask that volunteers commit to a two-month minimum stay.
  • Price per month is $600.00 and non-refundable.
  • All volunteers/workers are required to pay the full amount to secure your position.

** We request this payment contribution event of a no-show, late cancellation, insufficient work effort, or broken equipment or tools. If the amount of labor you are contributing does not cover what it costs the center to house and feed you, then your presence here is hurting, not helping. The payment is non-refundable and is an investment to show your sincerity about working hard and contributing to the healing center.

Give It Your All

We all work very hard and we ask that all volunteers put their heart and soul into their work. What you put in, you will gain in return. NO slackers! This is not Club Med! This is an excellent and rare opportunity to be immersed in and reap the benefits of the powerful indigenous wisdom and healing forces of the Amazon rainforest and to grow a soul family in the process!

Thank you in advance for your labor of LOVE!!

WWOOF, WorkAwayers, Work-Trade Application

Rainforest Healing Center offers work-trade and volunteer opportunities in Peru in exchange for living accommodations for those who are interested in the participation of permaculture experience, off-grid living, plant Medicines (Ayahuasca) and other healing modalities.

We ask that all volunteers commit to a two-month minimum stay. If you are applying for a work-trade position in exchange for ceremonies, you must understand this can be challenging at times. Priority will be given to those who have experience working with Ayahuasca or Master Plants.

This is a highly sought after position and we are looking for specific skills and abilities. Please answer the questions as honestly as possible so we can get to know you better!

We receive tons applications from many eager volunteers on a daily basis, and only accept a maximum of 2 volunteers each month. Please understand that payment is due prior to arrival and it is non-refundable.

My Contact Information

Please include area/country code
Please include full name, phone, email, relationship to you, and country of residence.

Volunteer Duration

Please include the EXACT dates you are interested in.

We require volunteers to be available to arrive and depart during our breaks between retreats. This allows us to provide a proper orientation and a tour of the grounds. We ask that your dates be flexible and we will give you a range of arrival and departure dates you can use to book your travel.

Arrival Date

Volunteer Questions

Please check all that apply
*** If Sign Language/Spanish/English Interpreter, please be aware this is a work-trade position. You will have time to rest and relax, but we also ask for a helping hand around the center if needed. Please email for additional information about these specific positions.
(1= I want to learn! 5= I grow veggies in my sleep!)
(1= I want to learn! 5= I am fluent)
(1=I burn boiling water! 5=I’m amazing in the kitchen!)
(1= I have never unplugged from the grid; 5= I have built and lived off-grid extensively)
(1= I want to learn! 5=I am dedicated, put me to work!)

During retreats the guests are committed to a specific diet. We provide well balanced, organic, and healthy meals for all participants but we ask to respect the diet while guests are present. This diet includes: No salt, sugar, spices, dairy, oil, fermented fruits, herbs, prescriptions, caffeine, pork, processed food, sex, and masturbation of any kind.

Ayahuasca Ceremony Questions

We will not accept healing center work-trade applicants who have never experienced Ayahuasca before. This is for the safety of all involved.

Medical Questions

The following questions may be painful for you. It is not our intention to relive any traumas/pain you may have lingering or affecting you, but it helps us understand what self-healing modalities we can undertake or prepare for you.

We also ask these questions because you'll be working in a group, usually with strangers, during our retreats and courses. We want to ensure a safe, healing space for all participants involved.

If you do not feel comfortable describing the associated medical detail, please write how you feel. If you'd prefer to only discuss it over the phone or Skype during our follow-up, then please note that in the details field.

Thank you so much for your honesty, and understanding.
(e.g. bees/spiders/snakes/mosquitos/etc.)
Please note: we have a very extensive list of some medications that conflict/counteract with the vine. For your safety, please provide us with an accurate list and we can discuss possible options available.

General Questions

Please be aware that we share this magical place filled with indigenous species of flora and fauna who call the jungle 'home.' We do everything in our power to love and respect all living beings. We ask that you respect everything by admiring their uniqueness and beauty from a distance. Please do not touch unless otherwise guided/instructed to do so.

Our jungle surroundings are stunning, untamed, and full of wildlife at Rainforest Healing Center, and we want to maintain these characteristics by being as non-invasive and eco-friendly as possible.

This means we walk around the property on paths that are often muddy and, at times, a little steep. We use natural cleaning and hygiene products. We take bucket showers with beautiful, medicinal, clean creek water. We are mindful of conserving water and all resources. We have compost toilets for recycling our nutrients for the farm.

We are located 3KM from the Iquitos—Nauta highway. You will have to hike to the center on foot path with, hills as well as wooden bridges for crossing quebradas (streams). It we've experienced heavy rains it can be very muddy and slow going, and will be best undertaken in rubber boots.

We are not near any town, store, or, well... anything! We pack in everything that we will provide you for your retreat, and nothing more. We do have some emergency medical supplies, but you are responsible for taking care of your essential items prior to arrival.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies Pre-Payment


  • PayPal (includes additional fee to cover PayPal fees (3 to 4.5%))

If you wish to work with Ayahuasca during your work-trade, we recommend a five ceremony commitment for optimal healing and understanding. Please be aware that this availability is based on work ethic and dedication.

All work-traders are to be paid in full in advance.

Deposits hold you place in the retreat and is non-refundable 30-days prior to the arrival date.

We will be emailing you an invoice with the final total after we check references and conduct an interview. Your payment reserves your place at the center.

Please add our email, to your address book so as not to miss any communication sent to you.

If you do not hear from us within 3-days of submitting your application, please contact us via:

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