Friends of the Jungle

Please meet amazing humans that inspire us on the daily

Special Humans Doing Special Work

Our goal at RHC is a simple one – to share the vine’s blissful gifts with others and to spread the love that the medicine has instilled in us. We return what the abundant, nurturing jungle has given to us through love and by doing everything we can to protect the people, fauna, and flora that have thrived in the Amazon for eons.

The following beautiful souls are all doing their part, in their own way, to help contribute to that goal. Many are regular visitors of our healing center, and all are dear friends.

Please, explore their offerings, websites and profiles to get to know them. May you find synergies between yourself and them as you continue to shine your love out in the world.

Shamanic Practicioners

Shamans come in many forms, but all find their inspiration and guidance from trusting their instinct and following their heart. Coupled with training in the esoteric arts from Reiki to soul retrieval, these loving souls are continuing traditions spanning thousands of years.

bruce and patty healers

Bruce Manaka

Bruce Manaka, author of The Alchemy of Bliss and founder of the Secret Breath, Sacred Sound program of vocal resonance spent 19 years in a monastery, living a life of meditation and contemplation. In his therapeutic sound work, he teaches an ancient form of vocalizing that helps individuals viscerally experience the ecstatic and sublime realms within.

“The experience of Bliss is like liquid light flowing through the energetic field of the body. It is nectar-like and can be moved/pushed/pulled through the spine and the rest of the body.” (From “The Alchemy of Bliss – Ecstatic Awakenings With Kundalini” — Bruce Manaka)

If you want to take those “next step” into the depths of meditation and to experience the ecstatic response in the spine and body, go to: www.manakastudios.comAccessing Your Higher Self

Patty Marsette

Patty, along with her husband, Bruce Manaka, have been great friends with Omar and the Rainforest Healing Center since 2015. Patty is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist in California and has extensive experience helping people with their integration or preparation process. As a psychotherapist, she also helps people work through trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and other concerns. She works in a holistic way, utilizing body, mind, and spirit in the healing process.

Questions and issues with preparation or integration can be handled in person, by phone or Skype. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, is best served by face to face meetings, especially if working through emotionally charged issues. Her office is located in San Jose, California and her website link is:

rebekah shaman rainforest river cruise

Rebekah Shaman

Rebekah is a long time friend and supporter of Rainforest Healing Center. Rebekah is known for her gift of inspiring conscious change in her clients by reconnecting them to shamanic practices, reconnecting with nature, and honoring natural cycles.

Rebekah leads retreats down to Peru and RHC a few times a year (Nov-Dec in 2018), and also holds cacao ceremonies around the world. You can link up with Rebekah here.

Gifted Artists

These friends are talented artists communicating divine light and inspiration through their incredible artwork, music and creativity. Many have contributed to the art you’ll see around Rainforest Healing Center, so keep your eyes and ears open to all!

Nalinee love light language art

Nalinee – Light Language Channel & Healer

Nalinee is a healer, artist and channeler of light language. She creates beautiful paintings of Light Language and cosmic creatures.

Nalinee also graciously contributed her beautiful art to many of the tambos, bathrooms and kitchen at the center. You can find Nalinee and explore her art, wisdom and guided meditation services at Remembering Love and Light

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