Master Plant Diets

Connect, heal and strengthen with the help of the Master Plants of the Amazonian Rainforest

Master Plants

In the rich biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest, plant life reigns. With high humidity and tropical temperatures, plant life explodes in myriad forms. Within this rich tapestry are plants, trees and vines that hold special power, significance and spiritual guidance that have been used for time immemorial by healers to treat various ailments.

Amazonian shamanic tradition holds that plants speak to those with the gifts of expanded senses and perception. These plants have shared their secrets with these unique individuals, and over millenia, have been passed down orally and held sacred for the medicine and healing they contain.

Isolation Diets

At Rainforest Healing Center, we have been offering Master Plant isolation diets (‘dietas’ in Spanish) such as Chiric Sanango, Uchu Sanango, Bobinsana, Remo Caspi, Chuchuhuasi, Ayahuma and Ajo Sacha since 2011, when we first opened our center. We take these diets very seriously and administer them within traditional rules and practice. Dieting a Master Plant is a spiritual rites of passage that is the next level of healing after having worked with Ayahuasca in group ceremonial settings. 

It is not uncommon to feel “called” to work with specific plants. We have had many guests who have been very clear, after reading about and connecting with the plants, as to which diet would most benefit them. However, sometimes we are “called” to do an isolation dieta, without knowing which Master Plant to work with. In this case, our staff and shaman will help guide you toward the right Master Plant for your healing. Our staff can help you understand how the plants can help with your healing intentions, and the shaman can perform an energetic reading to select the Master Plant that is best for you at this time. However you arrive to us, we are honored to guide you through this ancient rite of passage.

All of our Master Plant diets require full commitment, dedication, and discipline from beginning to end. The diets begin with and end with one Ayahuasca ceremony, which before and after going into isolation. Dieting guests will be carefully monitored through out the 8 to 10 day period when they are in isolation and will receive expert support from the Shaman and facilitators. Our isolation dietas coincide with our 10-day Ayahuasca retreat dates.

Please understand that ‘Master Plant’ diets are for those who have experience with Ayahuasca and want to take their self-healing to the next level. These diets are for those who feel a strong draw toward a specific plant or have a certain ailment they feel a plant diet will help heal. We will screen very carefully to make sure an isolation diet is a good fit for all involved.

Dieta Commitment and Completion

As with all plant medicine work, dedication, commitment and completion are crucial for total integration and benefit. Breaking dieta early can have serious health and energetic complications, therefore it is extremely important to adhere to the dietary recommendations given to you.

If one chooses to break the diet before completing the required commitment, one risks the threat of experiencing adverse health issues. In Spanish this condition is called “cruzado” or “crossed.” This condition can include confusion, flu-like symptoms, UTIs or bladder infections, and tactile sensitivity. When the body’s energy field is wide open from working with these roots and one decides to quit the diet and enter back into society abruptly, the energy imbalances can be very disorienting. Restoring that balance may require a total repeat of the dieta.

Master Plant Diet Dates

Please contact us here for reservations and available dates.

* 7-Day Ayahuasca Retreat Guests may only reserve a single occupancy Tambo if they book an extended retreat with a Master Plant Diet. Please inquire about specific pricing.
‡ 10-Day Ayahuasca Retreat Guests may reserve a single occupancy Tambo for $333 extra if space is available and no Master Plant Dieters are present during your retreat.

From the moment I met Omar I knew this lodge was built from the deepest love and service to the medicine, and when i stepped into Rainforest Healing Center I felt I had come home. It pulses and dances with Love and healing energy. The jungle is alive and works with each participant, and the administrators and Omar are like family, committed to working with full integrity and love for the medicine. I knew that this was where I wanted to bring my groups so they could receive the full extent of the powerful healing from the Plant Medicines and Mother Earth. I feel so grateful that this lodge exists and people can experience the true, pure essence of Amazonian shamanism...

Rebekah Shaman

Are you ready to deeply connect with a Master Plant?