Master Plant Diets

Isolation Master Plant Diets and Initiation

At Chakra Alegria de Amor, we offer several dietas such as Ajo Sacha, Chiric Sanango, and Uchu Sanango.  We take these diets very seriously as we administer them with traditional rules, honor, and care. The decision to administer one of these diets is based on careful observation, discussion, and analysis by our Shaman and administrator.

Tambo de Luz

Tambo de Luz

It is very important to choose a retreat that has isolated tambos (bungalows).  It can be very disruptive if the dieter is sharing quarters with other guests.  We provide private tambos with a panoramic view of the jungle, private composting toilet, and private showering area.  No other guests are within a 50 foot radius of each dieter.  When the diet is initiated, one will go into isolation in their Tambo (jungle bungalow) for eight days with no contact with anyone except the Shaman administering the diet. The mind, body, and spirit will go through an intense cleansing and rebooting of the system while opening new doors within the Self and the Spirit realm.  Isolation diets are considered to be one of the most accelerated detoxifying tools on this planet. These diets are extremely transformative and are considered to be at the summit of the Shamanic experience.

All of our Master Plant diets require full commitment, dedication, and discipline from beginning to end. Dieting guests will be carefully monitored through out the 8 to 10 day period and will receive expert support from the Shaman and facilitators. Our isolation dietas coincide with our 10 day Ayahuasca retreat dates.

Please understand that ‘Master Plant’ diets are for those who have experience with Madre Ayahuasca and want to take their self-healing to the next level. These diets are for those who feel a strong draw toward a specific plant or have a certain ailment they feel a plant diet will help heal. We will screen very carefully to make sure an isolation diet is a good fit for all involved.


An isolation diet is a traditional way to photointegrate specific Master Plant Medicines or ‘spirit doctors’ into the physical and energetic body in an uninterrupted space. The reason for isolation is a simple one – when the prepared brew of plants or roots is consumed, the physical and energetic body becomes very ‘delicate and sensitive.’  This state is necessary in order to shift and release energy or blockages on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.  Because of this sensitivity, the dieter should avoid all distractions of and interactions with the ‘outside world’  including music, reading material, and interaction with other people.  Isolation in a rainforest setting provides a natural environment conducive to introspection, rebooting and re-energizing the body and mind free from the stresses of the populated world.

During the isolation diet, the only interaction should be with the curandero administering the diet and again no interruptions are allowed such as music or reading. It should be treated as a silent meditation with only a paper and pen to jot down thoughts, introspection, awareness, ideas, and experiences. Traditional rules are followed that those only who have previous experience dieting can deliver food, services, and support for the dieter.

The dietas consist of 3 doses of plant medicine – one dose per day for the first three days.  After the three doses are administered, the dieter may choose to join in the group’s Ayahuasca ceremonies at their discretion, but we discourage any interaction with others until the diet is broken. The Dieta is ‘broken’ after the morning of the 9th day by consuming a pinch of salt and fed a hearty meal.

In true traditional fashion, the Shaman or dieter would trek deep into the jungle and pitch a tent or sleep under the canopy of the trees, living within the conditions of the rainforest for the duration of their dieta.  Based on this tradition, we’ve carefully placed each tambo in a private, isolated location within the jungle canopy while still providing solid protection from the elements.  These tambos are equipped with access to a private composting toilet and a private bathing area on the ‘quebrada’ (stream) that runs through the property.  This provides an optimal environment for the dieter to work with the Teacher plant.

Meals – Sanango requires exclusivity while working with the body.  No leafy greens, vegetables, or fruit may be ingested for the duration of the diet. Three very simple meals a day will be delivered to the dieter and the Shaman will visit periodically to check on his/her progress and to provide support when needed.  However, if one decides to partake in a ceremony, only two meals will be served that day, the last being lunch.

Dieta – No soaps, perfumes, toothpastes, bug spray, or deodorants may be used from the time the diet is initiated until it is broken. It is essential that the skin’s pores are not obstructed by any type of substance throughout the diet, especially with Uchu Sanango.  The Master Plants need full unobstructed access to one’s whole Being.  The only element that may be applied to the skin is water, though the Shaman may prescribe leaf and flower baths when necessary. Frequent bathing is essential to keep one cleansed of the toxins being released and it can be very refreshing.

If you have chosen to participate in one of our dietas, you will be interviewed by our intake administrator, Shaman or shamanic apprentice, and our on-site administrator upon arrival at Chakra Alegria de Amor.  At the end of the interview the Shaman may tell you one of the following:

  • You are ready or not ready for the dieta that you would like to be administered.
  • According to the advice of the Master Plant spirit, you would be better served by participating in a different dieta that is more conducive to your healing process.  This may mean you are not yet physically, mentally, or spiritually ready for the specific Master Plant diet you originally selected.
  • In addition to the Master Plant that you have chosen, you will need to diet on a different plant prior to the selected diet for preparation purposes.  (For example, it is common for people to start with Ajo Sacha before moving to a Sanango diet).
  • The dieter must form a relationship with the plant Medicine they have chosen to work with.  They must scrape the roots and bond by singing, praying, or forming a dialogue.  It is important to have a clear intention (reason) when going into any plant Medicine, including Ayahuasca.

Ajo Sacha:

Ajo Sacha (Bignoniaceae) or (Mansoa alliacea) is the most mild of all the diets offered and does not necessarily require isolation, nor considered a Master Plant. We do suggest a lot of self-reflection during this dieta nonetheless.

Ajo Sacha is a shrub that is native to the upper Amazon rainforest.  While it is not of the garlic family, its leaves, vine bark, and roots have the characteristics, resemblance, smell and taste of real garlic.  “Sacha” can be translated to “fake” or “false”, hence Sacha Ajo translates to “false garlic”.  It is commonly used by native indigenous tribes of the rainforest to cleanse.  Natives respect the plant by using almost all of its parts.  The indigenous elders of the Amazon consider the plant to have magical and spiritual powers, able to chase away ‘evil’ spirits, and purify the body.  It is best used prior to or during a retreat, as it helps the body receive the Mother Vine with more ease and comfort.  The leaves and roots are also used frequently during Chakra Alegria de Amor’s other dietas.  Ajo Sacha is recommended during periods of vital changes due to its strengthening properties.  It invigorates and cleanses the body of negative energy and cures fevers, colds and headaches.

How it is used: In its mildest application, the leaves are crushed and soaked in water for bathing purposes.  This is an effective way to purify the body before entering ceremony.  Typically at CAA we ask guests to bathe in the leaves of Ajo Sacha upon their arrival so that they can purify their physical and spiritual body and avoid bringing any toxic elements into the healing center.

The ‘true dieta’, the stronger application of Ajo Sacha, consists of drinking a cold maceration (tincture) of the roots (normally soaked in cold water for 12-24 hours.)  The Shaman will determine the amount of root that will be infused in the tonic for each individual.  Our Curendero will prepare and bless the medicine with icaros (prayer songs) and mapacho (jungle tobacco) smoke.  At 3am the Shaman will come to your tambo where he will administer the drink to you.  It is quite strong and may burn a little going down.  Its taste is that of raw garlic cloves.  Some people get nauseous while others have very lucid dreams.  You may experience both.  Each individual’s personal needs vary, and the plant medicine will act accordingly with each person. The diet consists of three doses for 3 consecutive days.  The duration of the diet is 3 days.

Ajo Sacha bark to prepare for dieta

Ajo Sacha bark to prepare for dieta

When ingested as a concoction, Ajo Sacha is considered analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-rheumatic and is widely used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, body aches and pain, injuries, colds, uterine disorders, epilepsy, inflammation, and digestive issues such as Candida overgrowth.  It is a diet intended to purify the body by cleansing the blood.  It also opens up the psyche and other channels, allowing the Ayahuasca brew to integrate properly in the physical body thus providing a more beneficial experience with the Medicine.  Legend also says it is used to ward off negative energy or ‘evil spirits.’

Ajo Sacha is highly recommended and is a popular addition.  It can be added to a Chiric or Uchu Sanango dieta or any Ayahuasca retreat.  When added to the Sanango diets please plan to stay 2 to 3 additional days.  When adding it to an Ayahuasca retreat, it will be integrated within the  (7 or 10 day) chosen retreat.

Ajo Sacha dieta option:
(add $350)

Sanango diets

Sanango Root preparation for a Master Plant Dieta:

When one diets the Sanango plant dieta, the standard isolation and dietary restrictions apply. For each dose, three large roots are peeled and the shavings are soaked in water for up to 8 hours. The dose is administered at 3am for the first three days of the diet.  Our curandero will place an arcana (protection) on the dieter for the duration of the isolation.  Mapacho smoke is often used throughout the diet to cleanse and center the dieter.  A strict meal diet is followed which consists only of: rice, eggs, chicken, and plantains. No salt or oil is added to any meal and every meal is prepared and delivered with love.


Chiric Sanango:

Blooming of Chiric Sanango

Blooming of Chiric Sanango

Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora) also know as Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow grows naturally in the upper Amazon basin, including the CAA property.  The Chiric Sanango plant boasts white and purple flowers.  This diet is the stronger of the two Sanango diets and should be approached with total commitment and discipline. Shamans and doctors of the Amazon prescribe this root for colds and arthritis.  The word “Chiric” in Quechua means ‘itchy’ or ‘tickling’, which refers to the sensation of the brew being swallowed.  Its purpose is to enable the dieter to open up on all levels necessary to experience deep integrative healing on all levels.  It has been said to help heal a broken heart or cool down an enraged or jealous heart.  It has also been said to open up the sacral chakra and cultivate a higher sense of Self or ‘self-esteem.’  It aids in emotional healing and provides a greater sense of mental clarity.  The effects that the dieter may experience most intensely may include dizziness, disorientation, extreme chills, weakness or fatigue, and releasing of oppressed emotions.  These are a direct result of the medicine cleansing the body of toxins and negative energies.  The strongest physical discomfort typically passes by the 3rd day of the diet.

Chiric Sanango white and purple flowers.

Chiric Sanango white and purple flowers.

The dieter must stay in isolation in order to focus on introspection and understanding of the emotions being released.  Journaling is encouraged during this isolation diet.  Frequent bathing is recommended throughout the duration of the diet to cleanse and cool the body of the toxins being released.  When it is time to break the diet, the Shaman will administer a salt mouthwash and the dieter may re-enter the group and society as a whole.  Please refer to the Important Disclaimer at the bottom of page regarding breaking this diet.

Single Occupancy Tambo (hut) with Chiric Sanango Options:

($1199) 8 days with no Ayahuasca ceremonies (only recommended for those who have previous experience drinking Ayahuasca)

($1699) 10 days and includes up to 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies

“The Chiric Sanango diet was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself. It broke me down more raw than I could’ve imagined. It turned the stressed mess of a brain that I had when I entered and turned it into the cleanest, most fine tuned brain within just 8 days. It help me set goals, goals I have hit (1 year later) beyond expectations, in business and in love. I’m 100x more motivated and I have had the best year of my life and it’s all because I have a clear, fresh mind. It’s like the Sanango put all my memories into folders in my head, instead of them just being thrown onto a pile with no system. I’m looking forward to my next tune up!” -Fabian S. (January, 2013)

Uchu Sanango:

Uchu Sanango (Tabernaemontana Sananho) also known as Abuelo Sanango or Grandfather Sanango. It is a well known plant Spirit doctor growing in the upper Amazon basin and grows on the CAA grounds.  It is taken as a health tonic for the treatment of many ailments.  The locals use it as a febrifuge (fever reducer), emetic, diuretic, and calmative, and it can aid in the healing and realigning of the muscular and skeletal systems.

master plant diet uchu sanango root

Uchu Sanango root preparation for a Master Plant Diet

Uchu Sanango has also been known to perform as a memory enhancer.  The alkaloids help reset our neural pathways allowing neurotransmitters to be received, thereby enhancing memory.  It also works at the cellular level, cleansing and restoring as it moves throughout the body.  It is a powerful doctor spirit and can provide immense healing, guidance, and strength during Ayahuasca ceremonies.  It is commonly added to the Ayahuasca brew at the Shaman’s discretion.

Uchu Sanango is also known as “peppery” or “fiery” Sanango.  It utilizes a “hot” energy while moving through the body, burning negative energy at the cellular level.  It is also hot and spicy to the taste.  The intense effects may make the dieter physically off-balance, weakened, dizzy, and can induce vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, and the experience of an electrical “buzzing” sensation.  This is due to the intense and accelerated releasing of toxins, energy, tensions, and blockages in the body. The eyesight can also be adversely affected (blurred vision).  The dieter can also expect to be in a dreamlike state while awake.  This is the ideal state for the Sanango spirit to come into union and commune with the dieter.  The strongest physical discomfort usually passes by the 3rd day of the diet.  Each dieter will have different physical reactions to this medicine.  Support is always available if one needs help bathing or going to the bathroom.

If the dieter is open and ready with a sense of respect, the Sanango plant is a very powerful and efficient teacher.  The Sanango will induce a “reboot” program on multiple levels within the body.  All the discomforts that accompany a Sanango diet are a result of the ‘hard reboot’  taking place.

The dieter will remain in isolation for 8 days and is encouraged to take frequent baths, possibly with leaves if prescribed by the Shaman.  Bathing is very important while on this diet in order to cool the body and cleanse it of released toxins.  The cool stream water is extremely refreshing, especially during the more challenging phases of the diet.  When it is time to break the diet, the Shaman will administer a salt mouthwash and the dieter may re-enter the group and society as a whole.  Please see the Important Disclaimer at the bottom of the page regarding breaking this diet.

Single-Occupancy Tambo (hut) with Uchu Sanango option:

($1199) 8 days with no Ayahuasca ceremonies (only recommended for those who have previous experience drinking Ayahuasca)

($1699) 10 days and includes up to 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies

“My experience with Uchu Sanango was a bittersweet experience. Bitter because of the intensity, but a sense of grounding and centeredness brought a sweetness at the end. It removed blockages and gave me a profound understanding and perspective on what it fully means to unconditionally love. It connected my consciousness to my soul… I now know my ‘Higher Self’ and she is magnificent! I am forever grateful for this profound root. Dr. Sanango continues to work within me today.” – Tiffany S. (June, 2011)


All Ayahuasca Ceremonial Retreats and Sanango diets are available with Ajo Sacha for an additional +$350

Important Disclaimer:

The diet for the first 30 days following a completed Uchu or Chiric Sanango diet must be adhered to very strictly.  This ‘post’ diet forbids the ingestion of alcohol, recreational drugs including but not limited to marijuana, any type of sexual behavior (including masturbation), and any spicy foods.  No pork is to be consumed for 6 months following this diet (pork is considered to be the lowest vibrational meat on the planet in several cultures.)  This diet is intended to give the body sufficient time for the Uchu or Chiric medicine to integrate within the body and heal on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  When respected and followed properly, Uchu and Chiric Sanango diets will become an ally and increase the quality of life.

If one chooses to break the diet before completing the 30 day commitment, one risks the threat of experiencing adverse health issues.  In Spanish this condition is called “cruzado” or “crossed.”  This condition can include confusion, flu-like symptoms, UTIs or bladder infections, and tactile sensitivity.  When the body’s energy field is wide open from working with these roots and one decides to quit the diet and enter back into society abruptly, the energy imbalances can be very disorienting.  Restoring that balance may require a total repeat of the dieta.


Master Plant Diet Retreat Application

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