Sanango Diets

Two powerfully potent Master Plant Diets that we offer

Sanango Diet Overview

When one diets a Chiric Sanango or Uchu Sanango plant dieta, the standard isolation and dietary restrictions apply. For each dose, three large roots are peeled and the shavings are soaked in water for up to 8 hours. The dose is administered at 3am for the first three days of the diet. Our curandero will place an arcana (protection) on the dieter for the duration of the isolation. Mapacho smoke is often used throughout the diet to cleanse and center the dieter. A strict meal diet is followed which consists only of: rice, eggs, chicken, and plantains. No salt or oil is added to any meal and every meal is prepared and delivered with love.


Chiric Sanango Diet

Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora) also know as Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow grows naturally in the upper Amazon basin, including the RHC property. The Chiric Sanango plant boasts white and purple flowers. This diet is the stronger of the two Sanango diets and should be approached with total commitment and discipline. Shamans and doctors of the Amazon prescribe this root for colds and arthritis. The word “Chiric” in Quechua means ‘itchy’ or ‘tickling’, which refers to the sensation of the brew being swallowed. Its purpose is to enable the dieter to open up on all levels necessary to experience deep integrative healing on all levels. It has been said to help heal a broken heart or cool down an enraged or jealous heart. It has also been said to open up the sacral chakra and cultivate a higher sense of Self or ‘self-esteem.’ It aids in emotional healing and provides a greater sense of mental clarity. The effects that the dieter may experience most intensely may include dizziness, disorientation, extreme chills, weakness or fatigue, and releasing of oppressed emotions. These are a direct result of the medicine cleansing the body of toxins and negative energies. The strongest physical discomfort typically passes by the 3rd day of the diet.

The dieter must stay in isolation in order to focus on introspection and understanding of the emotions being released. Journaling is encouraged during this isolation diet. Frequent bathing is recommended throughout the duration of the diet to cleanse and cool the body of the toxins being released. When it is time to break the diet, the Shaman will administer a salt mouthwash and the dieter may re-enter the group and society as a whole. Please refer to the Important Disclaimer at the bottom of page regarding breaking this diet.

11-Day Single Occupancy Tambo (hut) with Chiric Sanango – $2495

“The Chiric Sanango diet was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself. It broke me down more raw than I could’ve imagined.

It turned the stressed mess of a brain that I had when I entered and turned it into the cleanest, most fine tuned brain within just 8 days. It help me set goals, goals I have hit (1 year later) beyond expectations, in business and in love. I’m 100x more motivated and I have had the best year of my life and it’s all because I have a clear, fresh mind. It’s like the Sanango put all my memories into folders in my head, instead of them just being thrown onto a pile with no system. I’m looking forward to my next tune up!”

— Fabian S.

Uchu Sanango Diet

Uchu Sanango (Tabernaemontana Sananho) also known as Abuelo Sanango or Grandfather Sanango. It is a well known plant Spirit doctor growing in the upper Amazon basin and grows on the RHC grounds. It is taken as a health tonic for the treatment of many ailments. The locals use it as a febrifuge (fever reducer), emetic, diuretic, and calmative, and it can aid in the healing and realigning of the muscular and skeletal systems.

Uchu Sanango has also been known to perform as a memory enhancer. The alkaloids help reset our neural pathways allowing neurotransmitters to be received, thereby enhancing memory. It also works at the cellular level, cleansing and restoring as it moves throughout the body. It is a powerful doctor spirit and can provide immense healing, guidance, and strength during Ayahuasca ceremonies. It is commonly added to the Ayahuasca brew at the Shaman’s discretion.

Uchu Sanango is also known as “peppery” or “fiery” Sanango. It utilizes a “hot” energy while moving through the body, burning negative energy at the cellular level. It is also hot and spicy to the taste. The intense effects may make the dieter physically off-balance, weakened, dizzy, and can induce vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, and the experience of an electrical “buzzing” sensation. This is due to the intense and accelerated releasing of toxins, energy, tensions, and blockages in the body. The eyesight can also be adversely affected (blurred vision). The dieter can also expect to be in a dreamlike state while awake. This is the ideal state for the Sanango spirit to come into union and commune with the dieter. The strongest physical discomfort usually passes by the 3rd day of the diet. Each dieter will have different physical reactions to this medicine. Support is always available if one needs help bathing or going to the bathroom.

If the dieter is open and ready with a sense of respect, the Sanango plant is a very powerful and efficient teacher. The Sanango will induce a “reboot” program on multiple levels within the body. All the discomforts that accompany a Sanango diet are a result of the ‘hard reboot’ taking place.

The dieter will remain in isolation for 8 days and is encouraged to take frequent baths, possibly with leaves if prescribed by the Shaman. Bathing is very important while on this diet in order to cool the body and cleanse it of released toxins. The cool stream water is extremely refreshing, especially during the more challenging phases of the diet. When it is time to break the diet, the Shaman will administer a salt mouthwash and the dieter may re-enter the group and society as a whole. Please see the Important Disclaimer at the bottom of the page regarding breaking this diet.

11-Day Single-Occupancy Tambo (hut) with Uchu Sanango – $2495

“Plant Spirit Shamanism in the Upper Amazon of Peru is not just about Ayahuasca.

The Shaman and Healers of Peru have access to an entire pharmacy of natural resources and have learned to use them with the depth and potency that Mother Ayahuasca herself is so famous for. I would like to share my experience sitting with the Master Plant: Uchu Sanango in isolation, and how healing for my spiritual and health issues were.

I undertook an eight day traditional Master Plant Dieta where I was isolated in a small hut in the forest, eating very simple starches only with no salt or oil and drinking rather large doses of the plant.

Each time I drank the Uchu, I would enter into a state of hot sweats, become dizzy with weak legs and my vision would blur. I would spend hours meditating in a floating state between thought and sleep, shivering and sweating. No mental forms were allowed to remain for long as the plant instructed me to release, release and release them again.

As these master plants clean us, they go to the vibrational core of our being in order to reset and align that which is off balance and calling illness or preventing our full expression of power, and for me it seems nothing is ever released without being fully witnessed and felt. I realized then these spirits have no definitive forms, they are archetypes of consciousness, shapeshifting across dimensions to share in our experience of the cosmic play. They can be engaged for healing and must be absolutely respected.”

— Cuddle Sphynx