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Olinda and Estaban - Amazon


Esteban started walking with a sacred medicine with this grandfather, Olivero Garcia Shanen who was a respected healer in his community. With his grandfather, Esteban learned with sacred rituals of ayahuasca. At 17, he was initiated to conduct ceremonies jointly with his grandfather. At 24, his grandfather died and Esteban became the official ‘curandero’ or healer of his community

Esteban has done various rigorous Master Plant Diets; Chiric Sanango, Bobinsana, Huayruro, Kamalanga, Uchu Sanango, Chuchuhuasi, Remo Caspi, Ayahuma, Ajo Sacha, Huara Caspi, Pinion Colorado, and the legendary master tree Nihue Rao.



Olinda was introduced into the world of medicinal plants at a very early age, due to the fact that her mother was the ‘curandera’ healer of their community. Olinda has vast memories of people seeking her mother to cure ailments ranging from snake bites to cancer. When Olinda turned 16 years old her mother instead that she would need to pass all the information from their lineage so that Olindo would be able to continue to heal the family and the community. When Olinda was 35 years old, her mother passed away.


She decided to continue the family tradition and to do that she started to do some intense Master Plant Diets; Chiric Sanango, Bobinsana, Pinion Negro, Ajo Sacha, Chullachaqui Caspi, Remo Caspi, Palo Sangre, Punga, Capriona, Tortuga.

Events with Olinda and Estaban - Amazon

11 Day Retreat- Deeper Integration with the Vine
January 1, 2019

Our “Deeper Integration with the Vine” is a profound healing retreat where one will partake in 5 ceremonies and will be given ample time to process their journey with our highly trained facilitators and Shamans. 5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies Ajo Sacha Welcome Bath Shared Jungle Tambo w/ Bath All Meals, Water, Tea One-on-One Daily Integration Support with Trained Facilitators During Retreat Sinus Cleanse with Rapé Individual Meeting with Shaman’s Harvesting and Cooking Ayahuasca Medicine on site Chakra Balancing Flower Baths Diagnosis and Plant Remedies Post-program Counseling for Integration Guided Meditations Laundry Service Gifts and Educational Items Guided Jungle Tour “Camino de…