Curanderos and Shamans

Becoming a Shaman, according to the indigenous of the Amazon, is something the Creator bestows upon you and to run away, or ignore it only brings hardship into your life. Not everyone is gifted or blessed with the clarity, purity, or strength to handle the responsibility and power Shamanism requires.

Meet Christian, Chakra Alegría de Amor, Rainforest Healing Center’s Resident Shaman

We are very honored to introduce our resident shaman, Christian Llerena, a Peruvian native hailing from the small village of San Gerardo in the remote Upper Amazon Basin. He is the grandson of the legendary shaman Don Julio Llerena Pinedo who was the teacher and mentor of several very well known shamans in this area. Don Julio was one of the last of the old lineage that carried many thousands of years of plant knowledge and wisdom to this day. Christian’s uncle Julio Llerena is also a curandero who is actively working to this day. Christian has picked up the reins and is driving the family legacy with passion and desire to serve the world with the healing power and knowledge of the sacred Plants.

Christian planting Aya

Christian blessing a freshly planted vine.

Christian spent his early childhood years following his grandfather and uncle in the jungle absorbing the ancient knowledge of the plants and trees. He has shown a strong desire to follow in the family tradition since he was young. Don Julio told his grandson that he would need many Master Plant diets in order to fully follow the footsteps of his elders and take upon the profound responsibility of being a shaman.

At the young age of 13, Christian expressed an innate desire to participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies and Master plant diets. He was met with opposition from his grandfather, uncle and other family members because of his age. Upset that they would not give him permission to participate, he took matters into his own hands and ventured off on a 2-day canoe trip deep into the jungle on his own. There, he started his first Master Plant diet all by himself after carefully watching his grandfather and uncle and gathering the knowledge needed to do so.

Joining Christian on a walk in the jungle, watching him identify each plant, its purpose and administration shows us his unique

Preparing the Medicine is in his blood.

Preparing the Medicine is in his blood.

knowledge of the Amazonian rainforest and its vast repository of healing medicines. Mother Ayahuasca and the Teacher Plants have clearly chosen him to be a medium, guide, plant language interpreter and facilitator in this powerful planetary healing modality.

Christian aka “Winnie the Pooh” (because of his sweet, soft nature, beaming smile and unconditional love, yet possessing the power and strength of a bear) has a very special relationship with the Medicine, enabling him to hold powerful and sacred space during the ceremonies. His ancient icaros fill the maloca with powerful Plant Spirits, enabling him to bring the healing to a profound traditional level. At times the maloca will be rocked by his booming thunderous songs bringing upon deep purges, yet at other times he will comfort the circle with sweet lilting songs. He is a master at reading indivdual energies and the circle as a whole, and will sing and guide us with grace, strength, love, integrity and support.


Christian cooking with guest

Cooking the Medicine with a guest


He is here to empower us to realign ourselves with our Higher Selves and Purpose with an abundance of love from his bottomless shining Heart, to bring upon a deep healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. We are truly blessed to have Christian guide us through the intense yet healing work that is called Ayahuasca Medicina.



Curanderas Luisa and Rosita

Luisa comes from a small town outside of Pucallpa in Peru. She comes from a lineage of Shipibo healers.

She does not drink Ayahuasca, however holds powerful space during our ceremonies. She is very comforting and provides a powerful ‘goddess’ presence. She utilizes power dialogue with the Spirit world, singing and chanting in her native dialect, her style is more of a rapid fire oration.

Luisa our Shipibo "curandera" working on a guest

Luisa our Shipibo “curandera” working on a guest

Her feminine energy, singing, and healing prayers are very powerful. She moves and aligns energy within the body and outside the body with her voice. She was taught these healing arts by her great grandfather, one of the last of the old generation. She sings and prays to various jungle spirits who will enter the ceremony to help Luisa facilitate her healing work.

She also learnt another form of “power chatting” healing from her Shipibo ancestral roots or great-grandfather. He was on of the last types of healers of this “old school” method. They concentrate and pray to the jungle spirits to help them heal, and they are mediums for the jungle spirit, so they can come and cure the person they are signing to.

Rosita comes to us from another healing center and is an absolute blessing to have.  She has been drinking Ayahuasca since she was 13 and she is now in her 60’s.  Rosita is kind, hard working, understanding, with a huge heart.  She is known in her tribe as Corazón con piernas (Heart with Legs).

We have a dynamic balance of male and female energy in ceremonies and each of our coriander(a)s have special gifts when it comes to facilitating Ayahuasca and Master Plant Dietas.  We have carefully chosen professionals who work with Ayahuasca from the heart and have honest and trustworthy integrity.