Chakra Alegría de Amor

Rainforest Healing Center

Mission Statement for Rainforest Healing Center

To facilitate the healing of individuals one cosmic sibling at a time through unconditional love so that present and younger generations have a loving planet to coexist in harmoniously. 

Chakra Alegria de Amor (The Joy of Love Farm) is an Ayahuasca and Medicinal Plant healing center and Permaculture farm. We welcome you with love on your personal journey into the magical Amazon Rainforest.  We inhabit an intimate, safe, and sacred space tucked away on 81-acres of jungle property where Madre Ayahuasca originates, is propagated, and is deeply respected. Thank you for visiting our webpage.

Chakra Alegría de Amor healing center and permaculture farm south of Iquitos

Chakra Alegría de Amor healing center and Permaculture farm, Amazon Rainforest, Peru

This rainforest backdrop breathes life and healing energy into every soul who enters this sacred space. One can receive healing benefits just from being in this part of the rainforest as it is saturated with over 110 documented species of healing medicinal plants including the Mother Vine herself.


Blue Morpho wing span can be up to 20 cm. (8 in.)

Along our varied paths, guests are immersed in a tropical eden where they can witness numerous varieties of sparkling butterflies including our resident colony of Blue Morphos, chattering monkeys, curious sloths, and various other jungle life. The hum and vibration of the forest is felt throughout the space, welcoming you back to nature’s incredible beauty and grace.  Throughout the property runs a stream (called a ‘quebrada’ in Spanish) that also boasts potent healing powers.  Rain trickles down from the upper canopy of the forest, passing through many more layers of dense jungle growth, collecting its healing properties from all the medicinal plants on its way to the vegetation and roots below.  Forest soils filter this frequent rainfall into the crisp and clean ‘quebrada’ that meanders through the center.  Our guests bathe in this healing flow and receive love from each plant that the rain has touched on its journey to the stream.

Since we are a small, private, boutique-like healing center, we’ve designed the property to create the optimal environment for self-reflection, introspection, growth, healing, and deep awakening.  Each of our Tambos (local Peruvian term for ‘huts’ or ‘bungalows’) were hand-crafted with love in carefully selected locations to provide a quiet and cozy place for guests to relax and reconnect with themselves and nature. The jungle radiates through these beautiful Tambos, and creates a unique and unforgettable experience.  Each Tambo offers solar power for lighting, its own bathing area, and compostable toilets to cycle nutrients back into the farm.

We deeply honor our connection with Mother Earth and therefore utilize renewable resources whenever possible.  We are powered almost entirely by solar energy, compost, and Love, far away from the distractions of Western culture and technology.  We try to farm as much vegetation and protein from the property as possible for inclusion in our dietas (ceremonial diets for purification and healing).

Beautiful handcrafted Tambo tucked away in the Amazon

Beautiful handcrafted Tambo tucked away in the Amazon


Through our retreats, we guide guests in aiding their own healing process, resulting in re-awakening into their true essence and fullest potential.  By cleansing and detoxifying the physical body and releasing emotional blockages and toxins, the Ayahuasca vine allows the individual to experience deep realizations and higher states of illuminated consciousness.  This process can be a very challenging one – our experienced Shamans and facilitators offer deep compassion, patience, and love in order to support our guests on their healing journeys.  We understand that in healing ourselves we are also healing, raising the vibration of, and reuniting humankind.


“There is no EPIDURAL for SPIRITUAL BIRTH.” – Linda V. (Australia)

Gael nursing one of our woly monkey animal rescues

Gael nursing ‘Cacao’ one of our wooly monkey animal rescues

When Omar, one of the owners and center facilitators, asked his beautiful 8 year old son (Gael) what the property should be named, he exclaimed, “Chakra Alegria de Amor!”   The ‘Joy of Love’ farm is a perfect description for this charming and deeply loved slice of the Amazon Rainforest. Our mission is to guide and support guests in expanding their consciousness and healing themselves through work with Mother Vine and nature.  This experience provides a channel to find, embrace and re-incorporate the joy of love back into our lives!


Chakra Alegria de Amor’s vision encompasses our Ayahuasca Healing Center as well as our Tropical Regenerative Permaculture Institute. Please visit our Tropical Permaculture page to learn more about integrating farming with nature and when our upcoming courses are being offered. This Institute and its courses provide the special experience of connecting our heart to our hands to be of beneficial service to the planet and all beings.


Our Mission & Vision


Our vision for Chakra Alegria de Amor is guided by our intentions to serve the highest good of human consciousness, the plant and animal kingdoms, and Mother Gaia (Earth). La Madre Ayahuasca has given each of us at Chakra Alegria de Amor tremendous gifts. Our goal is a simple one: we want to honor those gifts by making this Medicine available to others. We want to spread the love that the Medicine has instilled in us.  What sets us apart from other centers is the private and boutique approach we have taken.  We screen applicants carefully and only allow up to 8 people per retreat. We provide private (single or double) occupancy tambos or ‘huts’ to allow guests to receive an intimate yet comfortable stay while working with Ayahuasca.  We also farm organic produce for the traditional diet on our Permaculture Farm.

Luisa our Shipibo "curandera" working on a guest

Luisa our female Shipibo “curandera” working on a guest

At Chakra Alegria de Amor, guests are enveloped in the loving embrace of the Mother Jungle, which provides a place of vivacious harmony and tranquility. Expert guidance and assistance is provided by the Shamans, apprentices, and staff to ensure that stays are safe, comfortable, and transformative.  Chakra Alegria de Amor provides an optimal environment for going deep within to cleanse accumulated mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual and psychological toxins.  In what has been described as the most alive place in the world, guests are surrounded by wildly abundant, vivid colors and textures of the plant and animal worlds. Here, amidst all this rich vitality, guests experience the gifts and solitude of this extraordinarily unique and beautiful place.  They are offered the opportunity to delve deep within to empower themselves to face challenging healing experiences with the guidance of Mother Ayahuasca and the Master Plant Teachers.

We have two Ayahuasca retreat options at Chakra Alegria de Amor. Our ‘Initiation to Shamanistic Ayahuasca consists of 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies administered over a 7-day period.  Our ‘Deeper Integration with the Mother Vine consists of 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies administered over a 11-day period. We have a resident Shaman, Pedro Panduro, who comes from a long line of ‘curanderos’. His father is a practicing ‘vegetalista’ and uses medical plants to cure physical illness.

Chakra Alegria de Amor also offers other healing avenues via Master Plant Dietas which work well independently or in conjunction with Ayahuasca.

Our Shaman, apprentices, cooks, and workers will provide expert assistance to ensure every guest’s safety, comfort and transforming experience is of the highest quality. Chakra Alegria de Amor provides a safe haven away from the distractions and distortions of modern civilization. It is an optimal environment for going deep within to cleanse many years of accumulated mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual toxins.  This allows an individual (if open) to experience their true nature or ‘Higher Self.’


61847_395161853896511_1059190255_nThe project was born in 2006 when Omar Gomez had a vision while doing an Ayahuasca ceremony with the late shaman, Norma Panduro. Shortly thereafter, he purchased a parcel of land– 81 acres ( 33 hectares) of pristine, virgin Amazonian rainforest on Kilometer 45.5 of the Iquitos/Nauta Carretera (highway). This would become the future home of Chakra Alegria de Amor.

Omar was profoundly moved by the healing experiences he encountered through the vine, and he felt called to make similar experiences available to others. The project lay dormant until 2011 when spontaneous and corresponding visions of partners Gerik Spiquel and Cameron Gaberoglio revived it. With the guidance of La Madre Ayahuasca and the abundance of other medicinal plants on the land, Omar, Gerik, Cameron, and Tiffany have worked very hard to make this vision of Chakra Alegría de Amor a reality.


  • Give back the healing gifts and awareness the vine has given to us by providing a SAFE haven for individuals to do self-healing one-on-one with Ayahuasca.
  • Pay forward the love and priceless gifts the Vine has bestowed on us.
  • Share with others what the abundant, medicinal jungle has to offer while caring for and preserving this beautiful, lively and vibrant environment.
  • Provide a beautiful, safe, natural sanctuary in which individuals may cleanse themselves, release negativity and medicinally, harmoniously, and profoundly experience rebirth and liberation.
  • We follow ancient traditions and honor this practice as a Medicine.  We do not see this as a ‘drug’ nor do we promote ‘psychadelic tourism’ of any kind.
  • Provide delicious, healthy, organic, and balanced meals that follow the traditional diet.
  • Provide a beautiful, SAFE, and natural sanctuary where individuals can unplug from society and connect back with Mother Nature.
  • Provide shelter for animals orphaned or injured due to human encroachment and hunting
A sloth rescue

A sloth rescue

Our funds are used to sustain and develop our infrastructure, educate local farmers in permaculture, and maintain our animal sanctuary and exclusive center for the rehabilitation of tree sloths, a project overseen by veterinary physician Miguel A. Sebastian Salas.

As we grow, we will offer massage and energy work to accompany Ayahuasca ceremony, healing modality classes, lectures by guest speakers, and internships for those interested in prolonged stays with us.


entrance to chakra alegría de amor

Entrance to trail leading to Chakra Alegría de Amor. KM 45.5 on highway connecting Iquitos and Nauta

Our farm is nestled 3km away from the highway that connects Iquitos and Nauta. You’ll be living and studying directly within the vibrancy and majesty of the Amazon. All living and learning spaces at Chakra Alegría de Amor are lovingly and thoughtfully crafted with comfort, healing, and aesthetics in mind.

Visit our retreat center contact page to see a satellite map of our location.


imageThe accommodations at Chakra Alegria de Amor were designed and constructed with your experience and well-being in mind.  The Tambos (local Peruvian dialect for “bungalows”) are very comfortable, serene, and private. Individuals come here out of commitment to their healing—not with the intention of socializing or partying—so each Tambo is completely isolated from the others tambos to support this process.

Retreat and course participants have a choice to sleep in single or double-occupancy Tambo. Each Tambo is nestled into the rainforest while placing you as close to the power and majesty of the Amazon. We’ve screened all bungalows with mosquito netting, each bed is equipped with a high-quality full size mattress to provide comfort and relaxation as well as no-see-um/mosquito netting for your comfort and protection.


The Tambos are all round in shape and surrounded by specific Master Plants used in the dieta and/or Ayahuasca brew. If you are working with a Master Plant diet, we may place you in a specific tambo that we have deemed conducive to building a relationship with the Master Plant that you are dieting. This is to build a relationship with that specific plant Master Plant Spirit.

Why Round Tambos?

All of Tambos at Chakra Alegria de Amor Rainforest Healing Center are completely round.

One of spacious round Tambos with an amazing panoramic view of the lush jungle.

One of spacious round Tambos with an amazing panoramic view of the lush jungle.

The round shape of the Tambos at Chakra Alegria de Amor have been constructed to optimize the benefits of the healing jungle’s energy.  In a square or rectangular dwelling, energy is broken and disturbances are created in the corners.  Shamans and Curanderos from around the world all agree that ‘spirits’ will gather in corners, hence, when one smudges a room, one pays a lot of attention to the corners.  In a circular shaped dwelling the energy flows more freely, creating a healthier living space.  The outter space of the building also affects the inner space, our well-being, our psyche and spirit.  In a square box, your mind is taught to think in ‘direct lines’, and ‘angles’, in a round room your mind is open, 360 degrees.  Additionally, the panoramic view enhances the experience of living within nature more so than that of a square or oblong structure where the windows, and therefore view, need to come to an abrupt halt at the corners of the wall.  Most of the Tambos at the center boast floor to ceiling windows with heavy duty mosquito netting, allowing you to feel as though you are right amidst the jungle in all of her beauty and splendor.  Lastly, a round structure allows for much better wind flow, optimizing cooling of the space on those hot days.

We have also used many Permaculture techniques in our buildings and planning of the land, the way we feel it should be done…healthier!

If you’d like to have your own single occupancy bungalow for optimal privacy during your stay, please select that option in your retreat application. Additional fees will apply.




Interior view of one of our tropical tambos

Close up interior view of one of our tropical tambos

Tambo de chacruna, with its amazing lush jungle view

Close up exterior view of Tambo de Ananda, with its amazing lush jungle view


ASL & Deaf Friendly

asl deaf friendly symbol chakra alegria de amor ayahuasca retreats

Chakra Alegria de Amor is dedicated to providing a comfortable Ayahausca experience for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, in and out of ceremony.  As a result of listening to profound testimonials, working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing participants, and having a Deaf Shamanic apprentice on staff, we understand what amazing benefits Ayahausca has to offer.  Why? Because Ayahausca is a visionary form of self-healing Medicine. Therefore, it has the great ability to connect with those who communicate and connect through visual means.  Most Deaf participants, after experiencing the self healing benefits of the vine, have gone on to share their stories with others.  Because of this spreading awareness, we are committed to providing qualified Sign Language interpreters who have experience with Ayahausca.  Please let us know in advance if you will require these or other accommodations and we will do our best to make said services available during your stay.

Yellow Shrimp Plant Pachystachys lutea amazon rainforest flower

‘Yellow Shrimp Plant’ Pachystachys lutea

Please note that our interpreters work on a volunteer basis in exchange for the benefits of the Medicine.  Interpreters are in ceremony to provide participants with communicating any basic needs or requests.  Ceremonies form an intimate and individual relationship with the Medicine, therefore talking is discouraged during ceremonies. We try to limit interpretation to before/after ceremony as much as possible, but we always welcome questions nonetheless, especially regarding pressing matters. We welcome any questions as we have experiences with many amazing Deaf participants in the past.  Some of them are willing to share their experiences and stories upon request. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at  and we will contact Cameron our Deaf Shaman apprentice to set up a chat over videophone (VP).

“The mother of the jungle gave me an opportunity for a deep spiritual journey. My soul loved it.” – Anita M. 2013 (Canada)

Chakra Alegría de Amor ASL Intro Video (Closed Captions available)

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