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Thank you for your interest in our Ayahuasca Retreats and Master Plant Diet Retreats at our rainforest healing center!

A guest loving a rescue.

A guest loving a rescue.

All potential participants at Chakra Alegría de Amor must complete and submit this application form. Being a small boutique, private center, we carefully screen participants to ensure a beneficial and positive experience for all involved.

We ask that all interested individuals start the application process with sufficient time prior to their retreat (usually 1-2 months beforehand) so that we have ample, relaxed time to review your application and get to know each other through emails and a phone interview if necessary. We created this application process so that we can assess your needs more effectively and so that our intention to be a place of healing (as opposed to partying or experimenting) is clear.

We take your safety, and those of our other participants, seriously, and honor the rules, regulations, diets, and traditions of these plant Medicines by screening participants as carefully as possible.

If you decide to work with another Ayahuasca center, please ensure that they also take similar precautions and safeguards to ensure your wellbeing while working with the Medicine(s).

The questions we ask on the application and over the phone are meant to help you to continue going deeper on your path by guiding and clarifying your specific intentions for working with the medicine. Please answer all questions honestly and truthfully, as they help us create a safe and welcoming space for all participants. The information is strictly confidential and no one outside of Chakra Alegría de Amor will ever have access to it.

After submitting your form, we will follow up with an email letting you know if we’ve accepted your application and what payment process is required.

We appreciate your understanding, intentions, and time invested in this process. We want you to have the most fulfilling experience possible!

In Light and Love,

The Chakra Alegría de Amor Team

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†Ajo Sacha is a powerful ally plant medicine that helps to absorb and process the potency and energetic vibrations of the plants you'll be working with. A very popular choice among guests.


The first 30 days from the day an Uchu or Chiric Sanango diet is broken it must be followed diligently. It will consist of no alcohol, recreational drugs such as marijuana, any type of sexual behavior (including masturbation), or any kind of spicy foods. No pork is to be consumed for 6 months following this diet (as pork is considered to be the lowest vibrational meat on the planet in several cultures.) This is all to give the body sufficient time for the Uchu or Chiric medicine to integrate within and heal on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When done correctly, Uchu or Chiric Sanango will become an ally and increase the quality of life.

All Sanango dietas require single occupancy stays.

If one decides to cease the diet before completing the 30 day commitment properly, it can cause some health issues. In Spanish this condition is called, “cruzado” or “crossed.” This includes confusion, flu-like symptoms, UTI, bladder infections, and tactile sensitivity. When the body’s energy field is wide open from working with these roots, and one decides to quit the diet and enter back into society abruptly, the energy imbalances can be very disorienting and may take another strict diet of the same plant to restore balance.

Read more at Dieta and Prepatation (opens in new tab)

Retreat Dates & Accommodations

*** Single occupancy is required for Master Plant Diets ***

Ceremony Questions

Medical Questions

The following questions may be painful for you. It is not our intention to relive any traumas/pain you may have lingering or affecting you, but it helps us understand what self-healing modalities we can undertake or prepare for you.

We also ask these questions because you'll be working in a group, usually with strangers, during our retreats and courses. We want to ensure a safe, healing space for all participants involved.

If you do not feel comfortable describing the associated medical detail, please write how you feel. If you'd prefer to only discuss it over the phone or Skype during our follow-up, then please note that in the details field.

Thank you so much for your honesty, and understanding.
(e.g. bees/spiders/snakes/mosquitos/etc.)
Please note: we have a very extensive list of some medications that conflict/counteract with the vine. For your safety, please provide us with an accurate list and we can discuss possible options available.

General Questions

Please be aware that we share this magical place filled with indigenous species of flora and fauna who call the jungle 'home.' We do everything in our power to love and respect all living beings. We ask that you respect everything by admiring their uniqueness and beauty from a distance. Please do not touch unless otherwise guided/instructed to do so.

Our jungle surroundings are stunning, untamed, and full of wildlife at Chakra Alegría de Amor, and we want to maintain these characteristics by being as non-invasive and eco-friendly as possible.

This means we walk around the property on paths that are often muddy and, at times, a little steep. We use natural cleaning and hygiene products. We take bucket showers with beautiful, medicinal, clean creek water. We are mindful of conserving water and all resources. We have compost toilets for recycling our nutrients for the farm.

We are located 3KM from the Iquitos—Nauta highway. You will have to hike to the center on foot path with, hills as well as wooden bridges for crossing quebradas (streams). It we've experienced heavy rains it can be very muddy and slow going, and will be best undertaken in rubber boots.

We are not near any town, store, or, well... anything! We pack in everything that we will provide you for your retreat, and nothing more. We do have some emergency medical supplies, but you are responsible for taking care of your essential items prior to arrival.

Please be as specific as possible. This information is very helpful for our Shamans.



  • PayPal (includes additional fee to cover PayPal fees (3-4%))

Ayahuasca Retreat Pricing

7 day/3-ceremony or 11-day/5-ceremony Ayahuasca Retreats

  • Shared-Occupancy Bungalow: 7 day for $1095 or 11 day for $1495
    • If paying by PayPal: add 3-4.5%
  • Single-Occupancy Bungalow: 7 day for $1295 or 11 day for $1795
    • If paying by PayPal: add 3-4.5%

Add Ajo Sacha to your retreat package for an additional $350 and take full advantage of the medicinal plants potency.

Master Plant Dieta Retreat Pricing

8-day Master Plant Dieta Retreat

  • Single-Occupancy Bungalow $1199
    • If paying by PayPal: add 3-4.5%
  • 11-day Master Plant Dieta + Ayahuasca Retreat

    • Single-Occupancy Bungalow $1699
      • If paying by PayPal: add 3-4.5%

    Add Ajo Sacha to your retreat package for an additional $350 and take full advantage of the medicinal plants potency.

Deposits hold you place in the retreat and is non-refundable 30-days prior to the retreat date. Full retreat amount is due 30-days before retreat date.

We will be emailing you an invoice with the final total, and required deposit amount.

Please add our email, to your address book so as not to miss any communication sent to you.

If you do not hear from us within 3 days of submitting your application, please contact us via:

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