Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru

Rainforest Healing Center offers Shamanic Ayahuasca Retreats at our boutique retreat center located south of Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon. We facilitate safe, intimate retreats for those who are serious about their journey to heal.

Ayahuasca Retreats

We offer a 7-day and 11-day Ayahuasca Retreat. We highly recommend the 11-day retreat to dive deep into yourself, and to fully integrate with the Medicine. Five ceremonies provide ample time to work on your initial intention, and to go further in addressing blockages that may arise during the retreat. This retreat is perfect for profound healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Our 7-day retreat is an alternative for those who cannot stay the full program in the jungle due to work or family commitments, or for those who otherwise would not have access to the Medicine. Three ceremonies provide the opportunity for healing and allow sufficient integration time. If you are unsure about which retreat would be best for your healing intention, please consult with our team through our contact form.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Sacred Maloca for Ayahuasca ceremony

The beginning of a ceremony, we burn “palo santo” to smudge the space.

Our ceremonies are conducted in the Maloca (the ceremonial temple). After sunset, guests sit in a circle in comfortable, padded lounge chairs. The Shaman faces East, with an apprentice/facilitator at his side. First, the arcana (protection of the Maloca, shaman, apprentice, facilitators and guests) is invoked, and the Medicine is protected with mapacho (blessed tobacco grown in the jungle) smoke, and icaros (medicine songs that help guide the ceremony). Each guest is administered an individual dose of the Medicine, one at a time. The Shaman may ask your opinion on the dose or may decide for you. For initial ceremonies, a small amount of Ayahuasca is common, allowing the guest to submerge in the experience more gently. Dosage does not dictate the effects of the Medicine, as it depends on the guest’s relationship with the Medicine and what resistance they have. Once all participants have been served the Medicine, the Shaman begins singing icaros. The Shaman calls in their spirit guides and spirit doctors to help them create and maintain a safe, protected space throughout the ceremony. The icaros, scented flower water, mapacho smoke, and the chacapa (leaf rattle) are used extensively throughout the ceremony to allow the energy in the Maloca to flow freely. Because our retreats are small, the shaman gives a lot of personal attention to our guests, guiding their healing journey and purges. Everyone’s safety is paramount at all times, especially during ceremony. Guests, the Shaman and one facilitator are required to stay in the Maloca until 6am, as some Ayahuasca journeys take longer than the duration of the ceremony. The Maloca is a sacred and protected space where the guests can safely continue their journeys.

Shamans and Medicine

Traditional Shamans and Shipibo Curandera

Shaman Christian Llerena and guest

Our ceremonies are conducted by traditional indigenous shamans from the Amazon who have worked with the Medicine for years. First and foremost, our shamans are responsible for creating sacred and protected ceremonial space in the Maloca. Their icaros fill the Maloca with powerful medicinal plant spirits, enabling them to orchestrate the healing to a profound level. They are masters at reading individual energies and that of the group as a whole. Since there are many charlatans who present themselves as shamans in Peru, we have hand-picked our shamans and carefully screen them for safety, etiquette, and a commitment to the healing of our guests.

Cooking Ayahuasca Medicine with Shaman

Guests preparing the Medicine with the guidance of Pedro

The Medicine facilitated at our center grows on our land. There are over 110 documented medicinal plants that grow on our land, so guests are always surrounded by their healing energy. We harvest and cook the Medicine according to traditional indigenous rituals, and we replant the Vine with love, respect, and gratitude. Our Medicine is traditional, which means that apart from the Vine and Chacruna leaves, very few other ingredients are added to the brew. The healing brought about by traditional Medicine goes very deep as it pulls out the roots of the blockages and traumas that one is ready to release. This healing journey with the medicinal plants is sacred and potentially life-transforming, therefore we do not cook experimental brews or add substances that diverge from the intention to heal. Depending on the harvest schedule, guests may have an opportunity to cook and replant the Medicine they drink. This allows them to offer their healing intention to the Medicine, while being cooked under the loving supervision of the shaman and facilitators.


Facilitators of healing journeys

Luisa our female Shipibo “curandera” performing a healing “icaro” on Cameron

Our international, multilingual team of facilitators are trained in holistic therapy and psychology and have done a great deal of work on themselves through ample medicinal plant ceremonies and diets. They have an intimate relationship with the Medicine and are familiar with many of the experiences that guests go through in ceremony. Their primary responsibility is to provide a safe and loving setting for guests to embark on their healing journey, and to walk besides them every step of the way. Our facilitators are not just employees, but loving people who are grateful for the healing journeys they have been on with the medicinal plants and who want to give back. They do their service with much love and dedication. Each guest works with our facilitators for daily 1-on-1 guidance. Along with our Shaman, they help you set an intention, discuss blockages and resistance that obstruct your healing process, and process your experiences after ceremony. During ceremony, they are present as grounded, non-drinking (sober) anchors to hold the space for the healing journeys of our guests. Our facilitators also help you prepare for your return home, and how you can realistically integrate the insights and lessons you have received in your everyday life.

Our Guests

Almond tree at Healing Center

Guests gathering around a 500-year old Almond tree

Because we work with the Medicine the way we do, we attract particular types of guests. They are very serious about their desire to heal, and have often tried various healing modalities, with varying results. Now, they are ready to plunge deep into themselves to uncover and release that which no longer serves them, with the help of the medicinal plants. Many of our guests have an interest in spirituality and would like to commune with the Medicine to experience a sense of oneness and connection with the Divine through healing. Our guests become part of the jungle family that we are, and many become close friends. Some have even built their own personal sanctuary here! We interview all applicants for our retreats because we only want to work with those who have serious intentions. Our guests are ready to tap into their personal power to create lasting change, and we empower them to do this work themselves. We do not wish to work with individuals who are not ready to take personal responsibility for the path they want to create, or whose intentions do not align with ours. We conduct small ceremonies with a maximum of eight participants, to create a safe and nurturing space for healing and support. Apply for an Ayahuasca Retreat

Ayahuasca Retreat Schedule

  • Day 1 – Arrival, acclimation, orientation speeches, including smudging and cleansing.
  • Day 2 – Ceremony #1 after sunset. During the day possible opportunity to harvest and cook Medicine. Intention setting session with facilitator. Personal time to prepare for ceremony. Ajo Sacha bath.
  • Day 3 – Processing session with facilitator; journalling and reflection encouraged. Possible opportunity to replant the Vine.
  • Day 4 – Ceremony #2 after sunset. Intention setting session with facilitator during the day. Personal time to prepare for ceremony.
  • Day 5 – Tiger Path jungle hike with shaman and facilitator. Processing session with facilitator; journalling and reflection encouraged.
  • Day 6 – Ceremony #3 after sunset. Intention setting session with facilitator during the day. Personal time to prepare for ceremony.
  • Day 7 – For seven-day retreats, this is the day of departure. For those staying for the eleven-day retreat, processing session with facilitator; journalling and reflection encouraged.
  • Day 8 – Ceremony #4 after sunset. Intention setting session with facilitator during the day. Personal time to prepare for ceremony.
  • Day 9 – Processing session with facilitator; journalling and reflection encouraged.
  • Day 10 – Ceremony #5 after sunset. Intention setting session with facilitator during the day. Personal time to prepare for ceremony.
  • Day 11 – Departure after breakfast.

Each retreat includes:

  • Transport to and from Rainforest Healing Center
  • Tambo (jungle bungalow) accommodation nestled in the rainforest
  • Daily fresh meals & filtered drinking water
  • Experienced shaman conducting ceremonies
  • Medicine harvested and cooked on the land
  • Daily one-on-one sessions with a trained facilitator who is dedicated to your healing journey and is available to you before and after each ceremony
  • Small group ceremonies (maximum 8 participants)
  • Cleansing rituals with mapacho and palo santo smudging, and an Ajo Sacha bath
  • Ample down time between ceremony nights to relax, reflect, and restore
  • Access to the Animal Rescue Shelter when orphaned animals are present
  • Security (night guard on premises)

Optional additions to the retreat:

  • Sapo (Kambo) sessions with our facilitator: $100 per session
  • Ajo Sacha plant diet, three drinks $350
  • Herbal baths in outdoor cast-iron hot tub, donation-based (50 soles suggested amount)


  • Travel insurance
  • Appropriate vaccinations
  • Arrival in Iquitos at least one day before the retreat and book a night at one of our partner hotels. See our Travel Info and FAQ page.
  • Departure to Lima no earlier than 4pm on the day of departure

Ayahuasca Retreat Prices

11-Day Retreat

Shared Tambo Accommodation: $1495 Single Tambo Accommodation: $1795

7-Day Retreat:

Shared Tambo Accommodation: $1095 Single Tambo Accommodation: $1295

Upcoming Ayahuasca Retreats 2017

Please note that the departure day for the 7-day retreats is 4 days earlier.

  • December 2017 – 3rd – 13th FULL
  • December 2017 – 16th – 22nd FULL

2018 retreat dates:

  • January 19th – 29th FULL
  • February 3rd – 13th (7 available)
  • March 23rd – April 2nd (6 available)
  • April 7th – 17th (5 available)
  • April 23rd – May 3rd (still available)
  • May 11th – 21st (7 available)
  • May 26th – June 5th (still available)
  • June 11th – 21st (still available)
  • June 29th – July 9th Deaf Retreat #2 (6 available)
  • July 14th – 24th Deaf Retreat #3 (6 available)
  • July 30th – August 10th (6 available)
  • August 17th – 27th (still available)
  • September 1st – 11th (still available)
  • September 17th – 27th (still available)
  • October 5th – 15th (7 available)
  • October 20th – 30th (still available)
  • November 5th – 15th (still available)
  • November 23rd – December 3rd Rebekah Shaman private retreat
  • December 8th – 18th Rebekah Shaman private retreat

Are you looking for something else?

If you would like to work with the center, but require something different from what we offer above, please contact us to let us know what you are looking for, and how we can serve you. Apply for an Ayahuasca Retreat

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