Dutch in the Jungle: A Personal Experience

The jungle. God, how it agrees with me!

Being a work trader in the Peruvian Amazon must be one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve had in my life. Life, indeed! The jungle is teeming with life, it has a heartbeat of its own and it’s beating full of excitement about being ALIVE! It’s hard to miss this pulsation because as soon as I set foot in the lush piece of jungle known as Rainforest Healing Center, I was full of AWE. The thousand shades of green, the dense and high tree tops, the hilarious sounds coming from all kinds of Amazonian creatures, but most of all: the incredibly high vibration it carries. There’s no way around it – the jungle vibrates and shakes and pours down on you with one massive mission: purging the hell out of you so you can start resonating with the higher vibrations. In Omar’s words: Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.

On July the 7th I flew into Iquitos first thing in the morning. When dawn slowly revealed my first impression of the Amazon, I could barely contain myself. How dense! How green! Lush! How mysterious in the morning light! I started to feel very excited. Just half a day left and I would be living in the jungle! Months of looking forward to ‘Peru’, the word which contained all my future experiences, was now just a hot, sweaty and muddy hike away. As soon as I arrived at the bridge which is the entrance to Chakra Alegría de Amor, me and my fellow healees were smudged with Palo Santo, or Holy Wood, by Pedro the shaman. He then applied some Agua de Florida on our heads and hands and off we went, bravely embarking on our healing voyage. We walked towards the communal area and sat down, taking in the beauty of our new home ­ the jungle.

On that first night I quickly realised that the jungle has a language of its own. Before dusk all kinds of animals start calling out to you, telling you their specific jungle tale. It is a tale of being one with all, and each animal is indispensable in this impressive orchestra which is the Jungle at Night. I listened to the referee running wild, trying to tame a cheering crowd of enthusiastic football supporters. The referee is a cricket but for the first week I could not help looking up and wondering what I had done wrong this time around. And now I had also heard the true family of this wondrous species we call football supporters: monkeys! But my favourite sound of the jungle must be the car alarm religiously going off at 5 pm every day, which turned out to be a whooping frog. Yes, understanding the language of the jungle took a little practice but very soon I just sat back and enjoyed this symphony!

During my fifth Ayahuasca ceremony this incredible orchestra just blasted me away. All were present: the crickets, the monkeys, the frogs, but also my little green friends the compañeros curanderos médicos (medicinal plant spirits), the moon and the stars, and of course me! The jungle and I were intertwined, like the Mother Vine twines around trees. No, to put it more accurately: the jungle and I were ONE. No, there was no jungle AND I, because I was the jungle too! Hard to put into words but it was simply incredible to experience such interconnectedness, such love and such appreciation… At some point during the ceremony I chanted the gratitude mantra, which had been a steady companion on my journeys. Overflowing with love, I simply expressed and repeated words of gratitude and joy, which went on and on and on. And the jungle was listening, because it responded with showing me an image of me lying in my sleeping bag in the Maloka, covered in enormous letters that read: APPRECIATION. God, you gotta love the jungle!


oh my beloved Jungle

Creator of Life

animal life, plant life, spirit life

I want to say Thank You

for showing me

what it means to be One

what it means to live peacefully



with All There Is

because All There Is is Me too

and You too

We Are

We Are the Jungle

celebrating creation

the diversity of life

my beloved life

I live my beloved life

thanks to You


I honour You

therefore I honour Me

a profound lesson learned forever

I Love You

I AM the Jungle

and so it is

~ Karin

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Ayahuasca, Plant Medicine


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